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9 out of 10 Participant Overall Course Rating

Marketing for Architects Modules 1-7 are now available to stream! Three New Modules for 2022! 

In Marketing for Architects, you’ll learn the fundamentals of marketing, business development and networking, and how to apply them directly to your professional service firm. Learn how to create a marketing plan focused on your ideal client and designed to deliver on your business goals. Learn how to communicate your brand’s message and unique value to clients, referrers, and your team. This course presents architects and firm owners with the strategies to set business goals and be successful in their practice.

This on-demand course begins with an introduction to marketing for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry, and provides participants with the skills and tools necessary to create a marketing plan, deliver client-focused messaging, and build a pipeline of prospective clients. This course has been designed with industry-leading professionals in marketing and business development and is tailored for the AEC industry.

BONUS: Module1: Introduction to Marketing is FREE for RAIC Members. Get started building the practice you want today!

Why take this course:

  • A tailored course workbook that participants can complete as they take the course,
  • Flexible learning – take the lesson units at your own pace,
  • Content is tailored to architects and you can find everything you need in one spot —don’t go searching for information on how to market, we've done all the hard work for you,
  • Feel confident in your marketing plan and practice goals – this course gives you the tools to set your goals, make decisions and implement them.

module 1: Introduction to Marketing - Available to Stream!- Free for RAIC Members

Summary: In this lesson unit, you will learn about the fundamental concepts of marketing and business development for architecture firms. This lesson unit will discuss the importance of practice development goals for an architecture firm and how to achieve them.

Module 2: HOW TO ATTRACT DESIRED CLIENTS - Available to Stream!

Summary: In this lesson, you will learn to create a marketing plan focused on your ideal client. This includes an overview of the core components of a marketing plan, as well as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and the resulting action plan.e success.

module 3: Stand out with Value-Based Marketing -Available to Stream!

Deliver client-focused messaging on the firm website, on proposals, and across marketing collateral. The topics include points of difference, selling benefits vs services, and accessible language.

Module 4: create a pipeline of prospective clients -Available to Stream!

From website to Search Engine Marketing to social media and newsletters, learn how to nurture leads with quality content and a lead management system.

NEW! MODULE 5: engaging with the media AVAILABLE TO STREAM!

Identify what type of leader you want to be and create a professional identity for you and your team. Learn how to respond to media inquiries, prepare speaking proposals, and broadcast your firm news. 

NEW!  MODULE 6: seizing business development opportunities AVAILABLE TO STREAM!

Learn to make the most of every type of business development opportunity, including inquiries, consultations, presentations and meetings

NEW!  MODULE 7: building a referral network -AVAILABLE TO STREAM!

Position yourself to maximize goodwill with community, clients and complementary professionals. Includes tips on how to market to a referral network and how to ask for a referral.

Part 1 - Fundamentals of Marketing Bundle (modules 2-4)

Subject Matter Expert

Potrait of Sandra Bekhor

Sandra Bekhor
M.B.A., B.Sc. Architecture

Practice Development Consultant

Sandra Bekhor founded Bekhor Management in 2005 to enable professionals to realize the vision for their practice from start-up through to succession planning, through the development of business and marketing strategies and the enhancement of company structure and process.

Sandra has helped small to mid-sized Canadian professional practices successfully emerge in the modern marketplace, using meaningful marketing and leadership specific to architects, interior designers, engineers, lawyers, medical clinics, consultants and accountants.

Sandra regularly speaks, teaches and writes about practice development for various professional associations and publications, including Ontario Association of Architects (OAA), IIDEX, Interior Designers of Canada (IDC), Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors (OAND), Law Society of Ontario (LSO) and the Ontario Bar Association (OBA). In partnership with Toronto Lawyers Association, Sandra co-founded, ‘Keeping it Social’, a LinkedIn group for law firms that meets quarterly to learn practice tips and network. Recent examples of accredited seminars include:

Sandra recently published a chapter on the role of LinkedIn in a marketing plan for the 2nd edition of ‘Marketing Techniques for Law and Professional Practices’, which was published by the American Bar Association in the Spring of 2021.