RAIC Chapters and Networks

The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) is a not-for-profit organization which began operating in 1907. The RAIC is governed by a Board of Directors comprising of 12 regional members. The RAIC has approximately 5,000 members and a national office headquartered in Ottawa.

The RAIC is the leading voice for excellence in the built environment in Canada, demonstrating how design enhances the quality of life, while addressing important issues of society through responsible architecture. The RAIC’s mission is to promote excellence in the built environment and to advocate for responsible architecture.

To enable the RAIC to become a stronger, self-sufficient, member-focused organization, the Board of Directors has decided, where feasible, to establish Chapters in provinces or territories in order to best serve the advocacy, educational and networking needs of its members as well as enable the organization to fulfill its mission and vision.

An RAIC Chapter may represent the needs of RAIC members in a single province or territory, or as a group of two or more provinces or territories. The RAIC has adopted a “federated” model with respect to its Chapters. In this model, RAIC Chapters are not separate corporate entities but are governed by RAIC’s Board of Directors and according to RAIC’s By-Laws, rules, policies, regulations, and strategic priorities.

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