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The health, safety, and well-being of our staff, instructors and participants is very important to the RAIC. As such, the RAIC is working diligently to  transition all  Continuing Education events and offerings from now until Decemebr 31, 2020  to virtual platforms.
Updates will be provided directly to participants of any in-person activities taking place up until  December 31, 2020  as soon as possible via e-mail and
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RAIC Continuing Education Program

The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) is offering a rich continuing education program in 2019. As the national architectural advocacy and professional practice support body in Canada, the RAIC is a leading provider of high quality and engaging continuing education opportunities.

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Continuing Education for Architects in Canada
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     RAIC x CIMS: From Point Cloud to Exisiting Conditions BIM with Revit
     RAIC x Parks Canada: Adaptive Reuse of Heritage Buildings 
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Continuing Education for Architects in Canada

For architects to maintain their architectural license in Canada, a number of structured/core and self-directed continuing education learning credits/hours must be obtained within a specific time frame. This amount of time is called a continuing education cycle, and the length and duration of these cycles are determined by the provincial associations of architecture. The number of hours of continuing education required is also specified by the provincial associations and currently differs among the provinces.

There is no formal approval/accreditation process for continuing education providers in Canada. Structured/core learning activities are developed, or reviewed, and delivered by the RAIC, a provincial/territorial association, or an independent continuing education provider. Self-directed activities are selected by the individual architect and must relate to the practice or business of architecture.

The RAIC provides courses for both members and non-members that are intended to be counted toward structured/core credits. An official RAIC certificate of attendance, including a description of the offering, learning outcomes, and the number of credits is issued following all RAIC continuing education offerings. The RAIC is responsible for all content generated by these courses, workshops, webinars, and rapid e-learning modules.

In addition to providing continuing education opportunities, the RAIC manages the National Continuing Education Database. In this role, the RAIC facilitates the management of the system and user accounts and transcripts. The RAIC does not upload any credits to the database, including for members or RAIC-issued continuing education credits.

The provincial associations currently participating in the database are:

•    Saskatchewan Association of Architects
•    Nova Scotia Association of Architects
•    North West Territories Association of Architects
•    Architects Association of Prince Edward Island

RAIC Learning Management System

Earn your continuing education credits/ hours online! The RAIC Continuing Education Learning Management System is a convenient and flexible way to learn online, advance your skills, and participate in curated digital content. Access courses any time and learn at your own pace.

Register for courses through the RAIC Online Store, then log in to the RAIC Learning Management System to access course content.

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Register for courses through the RAIC Online Store, then log in to the RAIC Learning Management System to access course content.

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Click here to access the RAIC Learning Management System.

RAIC Member Benefits

Members receive special pricing on most RAIC continuing education programs year-round.


RAIC members who renewed their 2020 membership before December 31, 2019 are now eligible to redeem their free 2020 Webday webinar (one hour) valued at $50, or their $50 voucher on continuing education sessions valued at $500 or more.

To redeem your $50 vouchers, please call Pamela Burke at 613-241-3600 ext 2009 or e-mail your name and webinar of interest to


Whether you’re seeking courses on EXAC prep, national building code, contracts, law, or business, the RAIC Foundations of Practice Series is the place to start.

Students, interns, and newly licensed architects can build a strong foundation for their careers with webinars, workshops, and online courses specially designed for the needs, schedules, and budgets of upcoming professionals.

The RAIC Foundations of Practice Series will set you apart with:

  • flexible and accessible learning opportunities
  • peer-to-peer networking opportunities
  • support with important career milestones
  • access to industry experts and knowledge
  • curated content unique to the new professional

The RAIC is Canada’s authoritative source of education and resources.  Position yourself for opportunities and advance your career with the RAIC Foundations of Practice Series.

As always, RAIC members enjoy discounts or free access.

 Foundations of Practice Webinar Mini-Series

The Foundations of Practice Webinar Mini-Series is a NEW webinar-based learning opportunity comprised of multiple webinars that include tailored content unique to the new professional. Each webinar is presented by a different subject matter expert in the field being explored. The Foundations of Practice Mini-Series takes place on the last Thursday of the month. Registration for the live webinar includes access to the post event recording on the RAIC Learning Management System.



As a seasoned architect, you’re juggling a lot – office finances, employee retention, client relationships, and succession planning. You’re managing projects and expanding your skills and knowledge. The …for Architects Series includes a curated set of courses custom-designed for architects to build their practice and career. The RAIC has engaged industry leaders to develop courses aimed at advancing the success of professionals in design and construction.

Introduction to Successful Accessible Design

Introduction to Successful Accessible Design introduces the concepts and applications of inclusive design as it applies to Canadian architecture and its built environment. Students will analyze the impacts and conflicts of accessibility in society, built form, and the development industry. In addition to learning the basic terminology and concepts, and having access to the latest resources, they gain practical experience including being able to spot the barriers that surround us as well as apply new skills in real-life applications of accessibility.

Project Risk Management

Project Risk Management for Architects has been designed by drawing on bodies of knowledge of Risk Management, Project Management, and Architectural Practice. 

A structure is then created that is relevant to architectural practice and outlines an easy to follow process for managing risk during projects.

Construction Contract Administration and Field Review

An architect administers the construction contract on behalf of both the client and the contractor during construction through services known as Construction Administration and Field Review (CCA & FR). These services are those prescribed in standard construction contracts, such as the CCDC 2, and are divided into office functions and field functions. This course explores the theoretical and practical aspects in performing the CCA and FR, including preparations leading to this phase, as well as best practices.

Financial Management for Architects Course

Financial Management for Architects course is a new initiative of RAIC, specially designed for architects, sole proprietors, intern architects, engineers and managers, now being offered on digital platforms. See here for more information about the upcoming virtual workshops. 

This two-day course will lay a framework for understanding the financial and accounting operations, processes and concepts, needed to run and lead a sustainable architecture business. Participants will gain knowledge for efficient financial management when it comes to owning, operating, and managing an architectural practice.   

Leadership for Architects Course

The RAIC recognizes the importance of leadership in the architecture profession. Whether you are a firm owner, team lead, project architect, or sole practitioner, leadership is integral to the success of your projects, people, and business. Leadership for Architects is now being offered on digital platforms. See here for more information about the upcoming virtual workshops.

Participants will benefit from an increased understanding of their leadership style and values and how to improve the impact of their leadership. Approaches to leadership skills, including communication, mentorship, giving feedback, conflict management, and relationship-building, will be presented.  




Webday Wednesdays Webinars

'Webday Wednesdays' are webinar-based learning opportunities organized into monthly, thematic mini-series, comprised of multiple related webinars in both English and French. Each of these weekly webinars are presented by a different subject matter expert in the field being explored. Past series have included BIM, energy + architecture, adaptive reuse, and design processes.

Click here to learn more and to register for upcoming sessions. 

For information on past Webday Wednesdays series, click here.




Heritage Conservation

History and the built environment come alive in the exclusive series! The RAIC’s Heritage Conservation Series offers participants access to exclusive online learning opportunities and limited-edition workshop experiences. Working in partnership with industry experts, this series explores topics related to the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada, emerging technologies and digital tools, and adaptive reuse design strategies specific to heritage conservation.

  • Enjoy exclusive access to nationally significant sites and world-class resources
  • Gain skills and confidence in heritage conservation concepts and tools
  • Access leading experts and knowledge in the field
  • Network with industry professionals

Click here to learn more. 



Corporate Affiliates Series

Ignite your Friday with fresh solutions, ideas, and tactics that you can put to work immediately in your office. The Corporate Affiliate Series is an exclusive, webinar-based series offered by RAIC’s Corporate Affiliate members and partners who are committed to salient and informative learning options. Webinars are offered for FREE on Fridays, and RAIC members can receive continuing education credits.*

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*Certificates of Completion will only be provided to RAIC members who participate in the live webcast. 





Call for Educators / Course Developers – RAIC Continuing Education Program 2020

The RAIC is seeking educators and course developers to work together on the development and administration of new educational initiatives for the RAIC Continuing Education program in 2020 and 2021.

The RAIC is committed to highly-interactive, hybrid learning experiences. As such, all courses will include an online component. Some courses will be designed exclusively for online learning. Please consult the list.

RAIC invites proposals for the development of the following courses:

  • Architecture Design Management – Proposed for Online
  • Human Resources for Architects – Proposed for Online
  • Proposal Writing for Architects – Proposed for Online
  • Business, Firm and Team Management for Architects
  • Consultant Coordination for Architects
  • National Building Code – Proposed for Online
  • Regenerative Design for Architects
  • Architectural Criticism

*Development of the following courses does not give course developers exclusive right to teach the course. As such, the RAIC also invites applications for educators for all the above courses, as well as currently developed courses.

In addition to the course listed above, the RAIC invites applications for educators for the following course opportunities:

  • Financial Management for Architects
  • Leadership for Architects

*Educators are expected to use the RAIC developed content.

About the RAIC Continuing Education Program
The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) offers a rich continuing education program founded on practice and practical skill-building. RAIC Continuing Education programs give participants the skills and tools needed to run a successful architectural practise and build their career. As the national architectural advocacy and professional practice support body in Canada, the RAIC is a leading provider of high quality and engaging continuing education opportunities. For further information about the RAIC’s continuing education program and each series, please visit our website.


RAIC Continuing Education Bulletin

To share the latest updates on its continuing education opportunities, the RAIC has introduced a bi-weekly RAIC Continuing Education Opportunities bulletin. Be sure to keep an eye on your inbox for new events, important deadlines, and future offerings.

All RAIC mailing list subscribers are automatically included in the Continuing Education bulletin distribution list. To subscribe to the RAIC mailing list, please click here