International Mandate | Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

International Mandate

RAIC seeks to assist Canadian architects beyond our borders and inform them of international developments of importance to their professional lives.

RAIC's international strategy is:

  • to monitor and influence trade issues affecting the architectural profession;
  • facilitate the negotiation of mutual recognition agreements;
  • identify and disseminate international opportunities;
  • market Canadian architectural expertise and services abroad.

Union Internationale des Architectes (UIA)

RAIC is a member of the Union Internationale des Architectes (UIA), representing the architectural profession in Canada. RAIC has four votes at the UIA General Meeting. All RAIC members automatically become UIA members.

International Trade Council

The RAIC is a member of the International Trade Council. Members are reputable businesses and individuals, operating in over 76 countries worldwide. In addition to its own member-base, the Council works with a wide variety of external groups to maximize areas of common ground and minimize differences.

The Council also works closely with policy-makers to sponsor the creation of additional networks, forums and alliances which can provide focus for collaborative work and new growth opportunities. This also helps to provide a consolidated industry overview and helps to participants develop new skills.