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Architects and their clients prefer RAIC Digital Contracts 

The RAIC developed the Canadian Standard Form of Contracts for Architectural Services and continues to extend that history of practice support with the RAIC Digital Contracts platform.

By using the new digital editions of RAIC’s Standard Form of Contracts, you are taking part in a timeless and trusted tradition of practice advancement within the profession of architecture.

The RAIC Digital Contracts platform comes right out of the box with the tools you need to source, execute, and manage your professional services, and is programmed to flow information from one contract form to another.

New Standard Form for Change Orders

While transitioning to a digital contract platform, the RAIC launched a new industry standard change order form for professional design services.

This new RAIC Supplementary Agreement form captures changes, and more importantly, facilitates agreement for additional services made to your RAIC Document Six while your project is in progress.

RAIC|IRAC Digital Contracts

Green Check Mark Icon Guidance displayed alongside contract text for focused workflow in a single page interface
Green Check Mark Icon Flexible navigation and workflow to start and stop editing wherever and whenever you desire
Green Check Mark Icon Effortless distribution with the ability to bind your own cover letter and additional documents into one concise contract
Green Check Mark Icon Built-in productivity with tools such as address book access and spellcheck
Green Check Mark Icon Streamlined contract endorsement using traditional wet signature or globally traceable e-signature
Green Check Mark Icon Guaranteed authenticity for all RAIC Canadian Standard Forms of Contract with a brand new digitally applied RAIC Authorization Seal

Introduction to the RAIC Digital Contracts Platform

The RAIC is proud to introduce our Digital Contracts platform, and we invite you to watch the webinar exploring how Digital Contracts work and how they can help you.

RAIC Digital Contracts 

The RAIC Canadian Standard Form of Contracts are suitable for a full range of professional services, and include:

  1. RAIC Document 6 - 2022 Canadian Standard Form of Contract for Architectural Services  
  2. RAIC Document 6SA - 2022 Supplementary Agreement Form for Document 6  
  3. RAIC Document 9 - 2022 Canadian Standard Form of Contract between Architect and Consultant   
  4. RAIC Document 9SA - 2022 Supplementary Agreement Form for Document 9

Complete, issue and manage online and all from one account!

If you have an existing RAIC user account, access it here. 

To create a RAIC user account, click here.

Trouble logging in? Email digital_contracts@raic.org

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What people are saying about RAIC Digital Contracts

This new platform will significantly reduce the time and effort typically required to complete contract documents, a great step forward for the entire industry!

    Stephanie Helen Tremblay (she) - architecte, PA LEEDBD+C, PMP - architect, LEEDBD+C AP, PMP

Excited for the new electronic RAIC contracts! 

The useful guidance is now immediately adjacent to the contract form. Choices you make for services, insurance etc. immediately strike through or remove the then-irrelevant clauses.

    Brian Oakley, AAA FRAIC

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I access the RAIC Digital Contracts platform?

To access the RAIC Digital Contracts platform, you first need to log in your RAIC user account (top-right corner). Then, click on the RAIC Digital Contracts button. If you are already logged in, click here: RAIC Digital Contracts platform 

To purchase a contract, follow these three simple steps:

  • Click here  to access the RAIC Digital Contracts Platform and create or log in your account
  • Click the “Add Project” button (top-right corner) and complete the project information
  • Click the “Add Contract” button to select the required contract for your project and complete the transaction

What are the NEW RAIC Document 6SA and 9SA Supplementary Agreements?

The new RAIC Document 6SA and 9SA Supplementary Agreements provide rapid agreement between architects, clients and consultants for changes in project scope, service scope, project schedule or professional fees.

How will these new 2022 digital editions of the RAIC Digital Contracts enhance practice?

RAIC Digital Contracts is expected to significantly reduce the time and effort required to draft, assemble, endorse, store and manage contracts, supplemental agreements and service orders for architects, clients and consultants by providing an extensive collection through an individual user password protected account for easy storage and retrieval anywhere the internet can be accessed.

The RAIC Digital Contracts platform is the result of the RAIC responding to the expressed need to provide a system that reflects contemporary and future practices of twenty-first century architects, clients and consultants.

Will I still need to use RAIC Authorization Seals for contracts?

To streamline the architect’s business operations, RAIC Authorization Seals are now electronically applied to the final document in the RAIC Digital Contracts platform, thereby eliminating the need to purchase or stockpile self-adhesive RAIC Authorization Seals.

After I purchase my RAIC Digital Contracts, am I required to use them within a certain time frame? 

You are not required to use your RAIC Digital Contracts immediately after purchase. Your contracts can remain in draft state until they are ready to finalize or be reused if a project gets cancelled before the signing stage. Simply relabel the project name and edit the contract content to reflect your new project.

How much does it cost?
Digital Contracts Pricing Table

Are there versions of RAIC Document Six and Document Nine that can be used for preparing for the ExAC?

The RAIC prepares specially watermarked versions of the Canadian Standard Form of Contract for Architectural Services – Document Six, and the Canadian Standard Form of Contract between Architect and Consultant – Document Nine for ExAC study purposes.

These versions may be used for the sole purpose of ExAC preparation. Authorized use for this purpose is granted if the user is an Intern from one of the Canadian provincial and territorial licensing authorities and a registered 2024 ExAC candidate. 

Access the documents here:

For any questions, contact digital_contracts@raic.org