Annual Fees for 2024 | Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

Annual Fees for 2024

RAIC has introduced a discount for newly licensed Architects. If you have become licensed in the last 12 months, you are eligible for one discounted year of full membership at $276. This is a savings of $148 off the regular member rate of $424.

For more information, or to claim your discounted year of membership, please contact the Membership Coordinator.

New Members
An introductory fee for members with architectural training.


Interns and Graduates

$104 / year


2023 / 2024 Graduates



Architects / Faculty Members / Foreign Graduates

$276 / year

  International Associates $231 / year
  Individual Affiliates $276 / year
Architect / Faculty Member / Fellow
Intern or Intern Architect

(first 5 years) :
(after 5 years) :

$104 / year
$424 / year

Architecture Graduate
2023/2024 Graduates enjoy a 2024 membership FREE

(first 3 years) :
(after 3 years) :

$104 / year
$424 / year

Retired Member / Retired Fellow
Life Member / Life Fellow
Honorary Member / Honorary Fellow
Student Associate
International Associate
Individual Affiliate
Institutional Affiliate
(Colleges, Universities, Government Agencies)
(Firms or companies)

Corporate Affiliate :

Corporate Affiliate - not for profit organization:



Corporate Affiliate brochure See brochure for options
Plus applicable taxes

Special Circumstances 

Maternity/paternity leave 

Members requesting maternity/paternity leave must submit their request in writing and provide supporting documentation showing that they have acquired the same status from their licensing association or from their employer (in the case of members who are not registered architects).  

Pending approval, the member will then be excused from paying annual dues. The member will retain all benefits during their time on leave. 

Submit a request deferral here

Submit a request fee waiver here


Relief from Fees (leave of absence) 

Members may request relief from fees for reasons of financial hardship, medical/compassionate leave, travel, sabbaticals, etc. Members requesting a relief from fees for any of the above reasons must submit their request in writing, outlining the reasons for the request in detail.  

The request shall be brought to the Executive Committee for approval, at which time the committee retains the right to request further supporting documentation.  

Submit a request deferral here

Submit a request fee waiver here