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Federal / Industry Real Property Advisory Council (FIRPAC)



a) The Council provides a forum for the public and private sector to discuss issues pertaining to the planning and management of Federal Real Properties including the disciplines of architecture, engineering, construction, facility management, interior design, heritage conservation, quantity surveying and landscape architecture.

b) Common objectives consist of improved relations, information sharing, and enhanced communications. Subjects of interest include but, not limited to: Professional Practices, Strategies of Procurement, Security, Insurance and Policies, Codes and Standards with respect to Real Property services.

c) The intent is for Industry to meet with senior representatives of relevant Federal Government Departments to facilitate an open and ongoing dialogue.

d) Discussions should center on national policy issues, as well as issues affecting all regions.

e) The Council should openly share developments and discuss barriers with the intent to work towards a solution.

f) The agenda should include only high level policy issues to be discussed between senior representatives from each stakeholder group present.

Revised Terms of Reference