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Who can become a member of RAIC

Licensed (or Registered) Architects, Architectural graduates, intern Architects or interns, as well as full-time faculty members of a University School of Architecture. Architects who are resident outside Canada can become International Associates and Architects who have graduated outside Canada and are resident here in Canada may make a special application to be considered for membership. A student from a full time Architectural program or in the Syllabus program can become a Student Associate. Also, those who are involved in the design and construction industry and who are associated with the architectural profession can become Affiliates.

What are the benefits of membership?

Membership benefits depend on the category of RAIC membership. There are three categories of membership; the full list of benefits for each can be found here.

How can I become a member?

To apply as a Full member, International Associate or Student Associate, you will need to fill out this form and send one of the following proofs of qualification: a copy of your diploma in architecture, a copy of your Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB) certification or a proof of registration with a provincial association.

To apply as an Affiliate, fill out this form.

I'm an RAIC member, so why is my name not appearing in the Members Directory?

Due to Canadian federal privacy legislation entitled the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, personal information provided to the RAIC cannot, without a member's consent, be disclosed to any third parties, including other RAIC members. If no preference is indicated in section 5 of the renewal form or section 2 of the application forms, or if you have chosen not to be included in the RAIC members list, we cannot and will not include your name in the directory.

You can still be listed in our online directory. To change your preference for the online directory, please log into your account and change the information.

I'm an RAIC member, and want to be included in the Members Directory, but find only my name in the listing. Why?

The reason your complete information is not listed in the directory is that you chose to include your “name only” in the Members Directory by section 5 of the renewal form or section 2 of the application forms. Also, note that those who choose to have their “name only” listed are also not included under the provincial listing. They are only in the alphabetical listing.

Please log into the Services Portal, to update your directory listing. You can choose to list as much or as little information as you wish.

I don't have any training in architecture, but I’m interested in the profession. Can I become a member?

Yes, you can become an Affiliate of the RAIC. Affiliate members may be persons, corporations, organizations or other entities who are involved in the design and construction industry and who are associated with the architectural profession.

I have a professional degree from Canada in Architecture but I’m not currently licensed in a province. Can I still become a member and use the MRAIC designation?

Yes, with the exception of Student Associates and Affiliates, you may become a member. All RAIC members are entitled to attach a designation following their name. This includes architecture graduates, intern architects or interns, as well as faculty members of a University School of Architecture.

The MRAIC (Member of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada) and FRAIC (Fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada) designations are recognized symbols of professionalism.

If I graduated from an architectural school outside of Canada. Can I apply for membership with the RAIC?

Yes, you can apply as an International Associate, or, if you live in Canada, you may qualify as a Full Member.

RAIC International Associates have an architectural licence or the equivalent from a non-Canadian licensing authority and have demonstrated good standing in the profession in the locale in which they are licensed. They may live in or outside of Canada.

I am a RAIC Syllabus student. Am I eligible for membership as a Student Associate?

Yes. RAIC Student Associates must be enrolled full-time in a professional degree program in architecture at a Canadian University School of Architecture or in the RAIC Syllabus Program.

As per section 4 of the renewal form, I have been a member for 40 continuous years or more. What are the supporting documents I need in order to apply for RAIC Life Membership?

A copy of your RAIC certificate or your provincial association certificate is required or if this is not available a letter attesting that you have been a member of the RAIC continuously for 40 years (or 10 years of membership and have reached 75 years of age).

I am retiring from the practice of architecture. Can I remain an RAIC member?

Yes, a member retiring may continue as a Retired Member or Retired Fellow of the RAIC with payment of reduced annual fees. A letter, attesting retirement from practice, is to be included with the renewal form to apply for retired status.