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Emerging Architectural Practice Award — Call for Submissions

Submission Deadline: January 22, 2021

Terms of Reference

>  Purpose

>  Number of Awards

>  Eligibility

>  Frequency

>  Submission

>  Public Presentation

>  Selection Process


1. Purpose

This award is to recognize an emerging architectural practice that has consistently produced distinguished architecture. The award recognizes the achievements of the practice for the quality of their built work, service to their clients, innovations in practice and public recognition.

2. Eligibility

The following practices will be eligible to submit materials for this award:

Architectural practices that are resident in Canada or that have their principal office located in Canada, and that possess the appropriate Certificate of Practice or authorization to practice as required by the provincial licensing authorities, and that have been together as an organization for up to 10 years. This does not include the work of a successor firm.

3. Submission

Submissions will be completed using the NEW online submission platform.

Submissions must be received before 11: 59 p.m. EST, Friday, January 22, 2021. Entrants are solely responsible for timely submissions. This date and time are firm without exceptions.

Entry Fee

RAIC Member: $415.00

GST included (MB, AB, SK, YK, NWT, BC, NU) -  $435.75
QST/GST included (QC) -  $477.15
HST included (ON) -  $468.95
HST included (NB, NF, NS, PEI) -  $477.25

Non-member: $500.00

GST included (MB, AB, SK, YK, NWT, BC, NU) -  $525.00
QST/GST included (QC) -  $574.88
HST included (ON) -  $565.00
HST included (NB, NF, NS, PEI) -  $575.00

I wish to join the RAIC.

Payment by credit card accompany each entry.


The following items must be completed or provided:

  1. Completed submission form;
  2. Submission entry fee;
  3. Authorship and project credits must be clearly listed for all joint venture projects when identifying the project;
  4. A report which summarizes the contributions of the principals of the practice to the field of architecture not to exceed five pages. The report should cover significant contributions related to innovation, community, sustainability and the quality of architectural services;
  • The Jury must be given a clear ability to discern the authenticity of the work as having been prepared by the nominee firm either in whole or in part. If in part or in collaboration with other firms or individuals, the roles and responsibilities of each collaborator must be clearly and fully described. Credit shall only be taken for the firm’s own work.
  • The Jury must also be able to interpret the quality of the materials presented based on clarity of text, drawings and photographs with suitable references, notes or other forms of identification as required. Lack of clarity diminishes the Jury’s ability to fairly compare and evaluate nominees.
  1. A list of architectural projects of the firm;
  2. Background information which might include awards, media clippings, publications; copies of articles from journals, etc.;
  3. A maximum of 30 curated images including a description of each of the firm’s work which include projects constructed over at least a three-year period. The portfolio shall consist of images and samples of architectural documentation, as applicable. Renderings must be clearly identified;
  4. A numerical index listing all images and providing full credit information;
  5. A signed declaration by the RAIC member.

Entries can be submitted either in English or in French.

All winning entries will be retained by the RAIC for publication, exhibition and archival purposes. Unsuccessful entries will not be returned.

Note: Once you have started the online submission process, you may 'save' and come back at a later date to complete your submission (prior to the submission deadline).

4. Selection Process

The Jury appointed by the COF National Committee to select the RAIC Gold Medalist shall also decide on the winning Emerging Architectural Practice of the RAIC Awards of Excellence. The President of the RAIC shall bestow the award.

The following criteria must be used in the selection:

4.1 Quality of Built Work

  1. Quality in this case is defined as being reflective of the broad stream of work products of the practice and not focused in one or two selective areas.
  2. In demonstrating quality, when reflective of the number of awards and publications; National awards and publications shall be given greater weight than local awards and publications.
  3. Only the work of current principals shall be judged.

4.2 Quality of Professional Services (testimonials from clients)
4.3 Innovation in Practice
4.4 Service to the Profession (as available)
4.5 Evidence of Sustainable Design Principles

5. Number of Awards

One award medal will be conferred. At its discretion, the Jury may also elect to award an Honourable Mention or not to confer an award. The award shall be a medal, cast with the RAIC emblem and inscribed on the reverse:

Award of Excellence – Emerging Architectural Practice

(current year)

6. Frequency

The award is to be offered every year, unless no award is conferred.

7. Public Presentation

The presentation of the Emerging Architectural Practice Award will be made at the RAIC Conference on Architecture or another suitable event. 

For more information

E-mail: awards-prix@raic.org
Tel: (613) 241-3600 x 2015

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