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Project Management | REGULAR

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This webinar will introduce participants to foundational concepts in project management as they apply to the sometimes-chaotic environment of architectural practice.

Project Management

Foundations of Practice Mini-Series

Topics: Project Management / Practice

Length: 2 hours

What's included: video, quiz, certificate of completion

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This webinar will introduce the participant to foundational concepts in project management as they apply to the sometimes-chaotic environment of architectural practice. Key concepts to be introduced include:

  • Be only as organized as you have to be
  • You are expected to lead the consulting design team whether you like it or not. If you don't head, others are glad to step in and take control
  • What does the client need, want and expect. Most importantly, what does the client not know? Ask the hard questions
  • A client may not remember how much the project was over budget or behind schedule, but the will always remember how you made them feel
  • What work needs to be done? Visualize the project's work, document it using simple tools, and follow the plan

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this session, the participant/learner will be able to:

  • Reflect on current project management practices in the office and how they do or do not contribute to value generation for the client
  • Ask yourself the question, "what is expected of me as the project architect/ design team leader/ project manager?"
  • Critically reflect on your career pathway and consider if you like being a project manager

Subject Matter Expert

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