Volunteer Opportunities

There are many volunteer opportunities for architects to share their knowledge and expertise while simultaneously earning Unstructured Learning credits. If you know of an organization that we should list here, please contact us.

EMI Canada

Engineering Ministries International Canada is a non-profit Christian development organization mobilizing volunteer architects, engineers, surveyors, building technicians and other design professionals who donate their skills to help children and families around the world step out of poverty and into a world of hope.


Architecture Without Borders Quebec (AWBQ)

AWBQ is a charitable organisation that provides architectural assistance to vulnerable communities. It is active both internationally, in cooperation with local partners or other Canadian NGO's, and within its home province, through its urban or indigenous community outreach initiatives. Founded in 2007 by the Quebec Order of Architects with the support of the 'Société d'habitation du Québec', the organisation's membership includes the 4000 provincial architects in whose name they promote socially responsible architecture. ASFQ also benefits from the support of other building, design and humanitarian professionals for the implementation of its various programmes.


Emergency Architects Canada
Emergency Architects is a humanitarian association, recognized by the UN, whose objective is to provide advice, assistance, and education to populations stricken by natural, technological or humanitarian disasters. Emergency Architects takes advantage of the unique expertise of architects to plan and implement reconstruction programs.

CESO | SACO is a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to providing social and economic opportunities for all.

CESO’s Volunteer Advisers (VAs) work with individuals, businesses, communities, organizations and governments around the globe to better their operations and to improve the quality of life in their region. These partnerships can focus on developing strategies and market plans, to improving leadership and management skills. Overseas placements, known as assignments, can last anywhere from two weeks to three months, and assignments in Canada are generally two days to two weeks long.

Currently CESO is looking for members of the architecture industry to join their team of volunteers. Learn more about CESO and how to get involved, or contact CESO's Recruitment Manager Jason Laing.