Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

Media Releases

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Fourth edition of POP // CAN // CRIT returns to Toronto 2019-09-03
National Urban Design Awards: Call for submissions 2020 2019-08-21
RAIC releases new fee guide for architects and clients 2019-07-26
Three students win RAIC International Prize Scholarships 2019-07-17
Architects from 14 Canadian cities named 2019 RAIC Fellows 2019-06-25
RAIC announces 2019 winners for Young Architect, Emerging Architectural Practice, and Architectural Firm awards 2019-06-05
Buildings in Peru, Senegal and Chile are finalists for the 2019 RAIC International Prize of $100,000 (CAD) for transformative architecture 2019-05-28
RAIC announces recipients of the 2019 Awards of Excellence 2019-05-14
RAIC welcomes Indigenous architecture exhibit 2019-05-02
Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre receives 2019 Prix du XXe siècle for architecture 2019-04-08
Renzo Piano, Denise Scott Brown and others named Honorary Fellows of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada 2019-03-26
Unique Canadian architectural prize continues international vocation 2019-02-14
$100,000 RAIC International Prize for transformative architecture now accepting submissions 2019-02-12
RAIC invites entries for excellence in journalism about Canadian architecture 2018-12-12
Reconciliation, Place-Making, and Identity: RAIC releases report on International Indigenous Architecture and Design Symposium 2018-11-29
Royal Architectural Institute of Canada brings national forum to Edmonton 2018-11-07
Royal Architectural Institute of Canada signs Letter of Understanding with Allied Associations 2018-10-30
Canada and the European Union forge Agreement to Recognize Architect Credentials 2018-10-26
Projects in nine communities receive National Urban Design Awards 2018-10-14
RAIC unveils new design for Governor General’s Medals in Architecture 2018-09-10
Winnipeg hosts top national awards for architecture and landscape architecture: two Manitoba projects among winners 2018-09-07
Royal Architectural Institute of Canada holds free public forum in Vancouver 2018-08-15
RAIC launches new Professional Liability Insurance program for architects 2018-08-13
RAIC presents case studies on designing with Indigenous communities 2018-07-13
National Urban Design Awards: Call for submissions 2018-06-07
Toronto Central YMCA receives 2018 Prix du XXe siècle for architecture 2018-05-11
The 2018 Governor General's Medals in Architecture honour outstanding buildings across Canada 2018-05-07
Architects from 13 Canadian cities named 2018 Fellows 2018-04-18
RAIC announces 2018 Young Architect Award recipient 2018-04-04
RAIC announces recipient of the 2018 Emerging Architectural Practice Award 2018-03-21