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RAIC College Welcomes 41 New Fellows


OTTAWA, March 26, 2024 – The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) is honoured to announce the 41 Fellows inducted into the RAIC College.

A Fellow of the RAIC College is a member of the RAIC who has achieved professional eminence or has rendered distinctive service to the profession or to the community at large. Nomination and advancement to Fellowship is administered by the RAIC College. Fellowship is bestowed upon individuals through a nomination process and recognizes members for their contribution to research, scholarship, public service, or professional standing to the good of architecture in Canada, or elsewhere. 

Fellows will be officially inducted to the RAIC College on Thursday, May 16, 2024 at a convocation ceremony during the 2024 RAIC Conference in Vancouver, BC.  

Below you will find a complete list of new Fellows. Photos and citations are available by request. 

2024 New Fellows 

Alberta & Northwest Territories 

  • Keesa Hutchinson 
  • Farhad Mortezaee 
  • Gordon Murray 
  • Joanne Perdue 
  • Jonathan Rockliff 

British Columbia / Yukon 

  • Craig Duffield 
  • Heidi Nesbitt 
  • Ouri Scott 
  • Nick Sully 

Ontario (Northeast & Nunavut) 

  • Wendy Brawley 
  • Richard Chmiel 
  • Christopher Simmonds 

Ontario (Southwest)

  • James (Jim) Anderson 
  • Jodi Batay-Csorba 
  • Luc Bouliane 
  • Kevin Bridgman 
  • Lorne Cappe 
  • Andrew Dyke 
  • Philip Fenech 
  • Vanessa Fong 
  • Matthew Hickey 
  • Steve Hilditch 
  • Stephanie Hosein 
  • Vincent Hui 
  • Brock James 
  • Martin Kohn 
  • Yvonne Lam 
  • Joël León Danis 
  • Gary McCluskie 
  • Camille Mitchell 
  • Christopher Pommer 
  • John Romanov 
  • Robin Snell 
  • Paul Szaszkiewicz 
  • The late Adrienne Tam 
  • Settimo Vilardi 
  • Timothy Wickens 


  • Marie-Louise Gidaro 
  • Caroline Lajoie 
  • Gilles Prud’homme 


  • Stacy McGhee 

About the RAIC 

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