Winnipeg’s Warming Huts: a how-to guide to pop-up urbanism - REGULAR | Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

Winnipeg’s Warming Huts: a how-to guide to pop-up urbanism - REGULAR

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Winnipeg’s Warming Huts: a how-to guide to pop-up urbanism

This webinar was part of the RAIC 2021 Virtual Conference on Architecture

Topics: Housing, Planning and Urbanism

Length: 1 hour | What's Included: Video, Quiz, and Certificate of Completion 

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Winnipeg’s Warming Huts are intriguing lessons in the design and construction of pop-up architecture – between art and urbanism. Peter presents several Huts as case-studies of the process of turning ideas (winners of an international design competition) into built form. Often skipping between digital and analogue realizations in a very tight time frame, some Huts have been very successful – and some less so. In 2020 the project was awarded a National Urban Design Award of Excellence for revitalizing urban spaces in a most inhospitable time of year; the talk will also review the civic impact of the Huts as microscale urbanism.

Learning Objectives:

At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to: 

  • Identify several fabrication techniques and their application in constructing temporary creative projects; 
  • Describe the design and rapid-construction process of specific small architectural works; 
  • Explain processes and resources useful in initiating and sustaining an international competition for design of public art; 
  • Discuss the impacts of pop-up art and architecture on urban space and public behavior. 

Subject Matter Experts

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Peter HargravesMAA, OAA, MRAIC, M.Arch., B. E / Architect, Sputnik Architecture Inc.

Available Until: December 31, 2022 

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