Project Risk Management for Architects

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Summary of Course

Project Risk Management for Architects - has been designed by architects who practice architecture and lead major projects for a range of clients. It draws on several bodies of knowledge within the domain of risk management, project management, and the practice of architecture.

Learning Objectives

At the completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Skillfully lead, facilitate, and manage the Risk Management process for architectural projects
  • Address Project Risks and the importance and role of Project Risk Management to benefit projects, clients, and project teams
  • Incorporate risk management in project and practice management
  • View all project aspects and work through the lens of risk identification, control, and management
  • Possess capabilities to apply project risk management tools and techniques skillfully to projects

Lesson Units:

  1. Introduction to Project Risk Management
  2. Identifying Risk
  3. Defining Risk
  4. Analyzing Risk
  5. Responding to Risk 
  6. Assigning Risk
  7. Monitoring and Communicating Risk 
  8. Managing Risk
  9. Review

Required Resources

Resources listed below are the main resources for this course. Students are advised to obtain a hardcopy of these resources prior to starting this course. 

Atkins, James B. and Grant A. Simpson. Managing Project Risk: Best Practices for Architects and Related Professionals (2008). ISBN: 978-0-470-27381-4 


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