Indigenous Placekeeping Pedagogy 7-4-4-7: Re-Imagining Architecture - REGULAR | Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

Indigenous Placekeeping Pedagogy 7-4-4-7: Re-Imagining Architecture - REGULAR


Indigenous Placekeeping Pedagogy 7-4-4-7: Re-Imagining Architecture

This webinar was part of the RAIC 2021 Virtual Conference on Architecture and the RAIC Internation and Indigenous Architecture and Design Symposium

Topics: Indigenous Design, Indigenous Voices

Length: 1 hour | What's Included: Video, Quiz, and Certificate of Completion 

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Making Room for New Indigenous Voices on the Leading Edge of Architecture Practice

Recent research shows that the “post-Millennial generation is already the most racially and ethnically diverse generation” in history (Frye + Parker, 2020). While our North American populations are becoming increasingly diverse, the profession is headed in the opposite direction— the profession of architecture becomes “more male and more white as experience levels increase” (Budds, 2020). There is a disconnect between those who are designing our built environment and the user group.

Moreover, we are unaware of the full effects of the disconnect. As a recent scholar of Indigenous architecture stated, “”an important consequence of colonization has been the imposition of culturally inappropriate architectures—based on dominant settler cultural values—on Indigenous communities across the world. The full impact of culturally inappropriate buildings and spaces on Indigenous cultures is still being developed as a field of scholarship, though the lack of fit between Indigenous cultures and many of the buildings within which they live or work is clear.”” (Grant et al., 2018). It is time to shift the paradigm to be more inclusive, diverse, just, and equitable.

This session will focus on creating a set of tools that will assist in re-imagining architectural education. The session will summarize four theories that, together, form the building blocks of an innovative 21st Century pedagogy: seven (7) elements of Cultural Sustainability Theory, four (4) modes of Indigenous Knowledge, four (4) components of an Indigenous Research Paradigm, and seven (7) parts of Indigenous architecture.

Subject Matter Experts

Wanda Dalla Costa, Masters of Architecture, AIA, OAA, AAA, SAA, LEED A.P. / Institute Professor (ASU); Principal (Tawaw Architecture Collective) 

Available Until: December 31, 2022 
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