A Focus on Design Excellence and Civic Responsibility from Two Perspectives - STUDENT | Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

A Focus on Design Excellence and Civic Responsibility from Two Perspectives - STUDENT

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A Focus on Design Excellence and Civic Responsibility from Two Perspectives

This webinar was part of the RAIC 2021 Virtual Conference on Architecture

Topics: The Practice and Business of Architecture

Length: 1 hour | What's Included: Video, Quiz, and Certificate of Completion 

This webinar is available to stream! 

Traditionally large-scale infrastructure and transportation projects have focused on engineering and not civic responsibility, design excellence and placemaking that should drive projects of all scales. This session will address the importance of transforming engineering constraints into architectural potential. How can we embrace this change as a way to question our approach to city building and improve the quality of our built surroundings. As the structure and procurement of large-scale projects continues to change, how can we as architects rise to the challenge and advocate for the role of our profession in these city shaping projects.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify strategies for creating an integrated approach to large scale projects with primarily engineering teams;
  • Describe ways to advocate for the role of design excellence architects at all levels from the Board to the Project Team;
  • Explain the importance of ensuring continuity of design excellence from conception to detailing to realization;
  • Explain the importance of shifting paradigms from silo-thinking to global vision.

Subject Matter Experts

Renee Daoust.jpg

Renée Daoust, FRAIC, OAQ, OAA, OUQ / Founding Partner, Daoust Lestage inc.

Marianne McKenna.jpg

Marianne McKenna, OC, FRAIC, OAA, OAQ, AIA, RIBA / Founding Partner, KPMB Architects


Available Until: December 31, 2022 

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