Financial Management during COVID-19

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Financial Management during COVID-19

Date: April 14, 2020
Experience Level: Introductory
Presenter: Basima Roshan, CPA, MBA
Associate Principal, Innovia Partners, Toronto, ON

This is a recording of a live event.

Session Summary:
Right now, the full impact of COVID-19 on the architecture profession is unknown, and no one can say what the future holds. But by planning, responding promptly, making the right immediate decisions, and thinking long-term, you and your firm will be better prepared for whatever comes next. This is the time to protect your financial position and make financial management a priority.

Learning Outcomes:
At the completion of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the steps to take during crisis management and uncertainty
  • Explain the importance of financial scenario planning
  • Create a balance between cutting costs and planning for recovery

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