Construction Contract Administration and Field Review for Architects

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Summary of Course

An Architect administers the construction contract on behalf of both the client and the contractor during construction through services known as Construction Contract Administration and Field Review (CCA & FR). These services are those prescribed in standard construction contracts, such as the CCDC 2, and are divided into office functions and field functions. This course explores the theoretical and practical aspects of performing the CCA & FR, including preparations leading to this phase, as well as best practices.

Learning Outcomes: 

After completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Develop and implement a CCA & FR system for an architectural project
  • Compile and integrate CCA & FR activities described in Canadian forms of contract and the Architect's role therein.
  • Evaluate existing and emergent construction communications systems
  • Design and implement the forms of communication needed to manage CCA & FR, including appropriate forms and checklist
  • Deliver CCA & FR activities as a leader of the construction process
  • Perform a Field Review for wood construction, masonry construction and concrete construction projects.
  • Complete checklists and prepare a Field Review report

Lesson Units:

  1. Introduction and Definitions
  2. Contractual Roles and Obligations
  3. Project Communications Management
  4. Construction Documents
  5. Workplan and Information Management
  6. Construction Contract Administration Overview
  7. Site Visit Procedures and Approach 
  8. Wood Construction Field Review
  9. Masonry Construction Field Review
  10. Concrete Construction Field Review


Required Resources: 

Resources listed below are the main resources for this course. Students are advised to obtain a hardcopy of these resources prior to starting this course. 

The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (2009, January), Canadian Handbook of Practice for Architects (Vol 1 and 2, 2nd Ed.)

Palmquist, B. (2019), An Architect's Guide to Construction (2nd ed.) Enduring Ways in the Age of Immediacy. ISBN-10: 099398763X, ISBN-13: 9780993987632


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