Press Release: RAIC Digital Contracts platform is live | Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

Press Release: RAIC Digital Contracts platform is live

September 13, 2022

OTTAWA, September 13, 2022 – The RAIC new Digital Contracts platform is live and will replace the previous manual download process. The digital platform was designed to streamline the preparation and execution of the RAIC contract documents and offer architects a modern and simple contract document management system that reduces risk and delays. This new platform also has the functionality to issue supplemental agreements and offer architects and clients the ability to use digital signature(s) to expedite the commencement of design for the benefit of all. The platform was officially launched today. 

“I'm excited about the new electronic RAIC contracts! The useful guidance is now immediately adjacent to the contract form. Choices you make for services, insurance etc. immediately strike through or remove the then-irrelevant clauses”
- Brian Oakley, AAA FRAIC

About The RAIC
The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) is a not-for-profit, national organization dedicated to representing architects and architecture since 1907. The RAIC is the only national voice for excellence in the built environment in Canada focused on providing Canada’s architectural community with the tools, resources, and education to elevate their practice. The RAIC is committed to showcasing how design enhances quality of life, while advocating for important issues of society through responsible architecture. The RAIC’s purpose is to create a better world for all by empowering Canada’s architectural community. Through our work, the organization envisions a strong architectural community that is valued and empowered to create change. The RAIC’s national office is based in Ottawa with a growing federated chapter model. Current chapters and networks are based in British Columbia, Alberta, and Nova Scotia.  

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