Press Release: RAIC College welcomes 29 new Fellows from across Canada | Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

Press Release: RAIC College welcomes 29 new Fellows from across Canada

For Immediate Release
April 26, 2022

OTTAWA, April 26, 2022 – The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) is honoured to announce the 29 Fellows inducted into the RAIC College.

A Fellow of the RAIC College is a member of the RAIC who has achieved professional eminence or has rendered distinctive service to the profession or to the community at large. Fellowship is bestowed upon individuals through a nomination process administered by the RAIC College and recognizes members for their contribution to research, scholarship, public service, or professional standing to the good of architecture in Canada, or elsewhere.

Fellows, and Honourary Fellow Wanda Dalla Costa, will be officially inducted to the RAIC College on October 2, 2022 at a convocation ceremony during the RAIC Congress on Architecture in St. Andrews, NB.

Below you will find a complete list of new Fellows. Photos and citations are available by request.

2022 New Fellows

Alberta & Northwest Territories
Derek Heslop, Edmonton

Omar Gandhi, Halifax

British Columbia / Yukon
Gregory Borowski, Vancouver
Stuart Rothnie, Vancouver
Patrick Stewart 
| Luugigyoo, Chilliwack
Alfred Waugh, Vancouver

Doug Hanna, Winnipeg
Lindsay Oster, Winnipeg
Jason Robbins, Winnipeg

Ontario (Northeast & Nunavut)
Valerie Allen, Ottawa

Ontario (Southwest)
Duff Balmer, Toronto
Kyra Clarkson, Toronto
Jason Dobbin, Toronto
Tarisha Dolyniuk, Toronto
Luigi Ferrara, Toronto

Simon Robert Kastelic, Toronto
Mansoor Kazerouni, Toronto
Clifford Korman, Toronto
Ching-Po Ma, Toronto
Jennifer Mallard, Toronto
Patricia Poulin, Toronto
Eladia Smoke | KaaSheGaaBaaWeak, Hamilton
John F. Steven, Toronto
Dermot Sweeny, Toronto
Judith Taylor, Toronto
Katja Aga Sachse Thom, Toronto
Mason White, Toronto

Sonia Gagné, Montreal

Erica Sangster, Victoria

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