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The Fifth Cycle of the Golden Cubes Awards is Now Open

The UIA is announcing the fifth cycle of the Golden Cube Awards. Happening once every three years, entries can now be prepared for the 2023 submission period through the RAIC submission process. Eligible entries will contain digital or physical activities or publications that were performed or produced in 2020 – 2023. 

The Golden Cubes Awards (GCA) honour people and organizations that help children and young people develop a better understanding of architecture and the built environment. Entrants will be invited to submit entries describing activities or products designed to teach children and young people, from pre-school up to and including the age of 18, about architectural design and the processes by which our environment is formed.

Awards will be presented in four award categories:

  1. Audio-visual Media (films, audio-visual educational material, websites…)
  2. Written Media (books, magazines, non-audio-visual educational tools)
  3. Institutions (organizations, institutions, museums…)
  4. Schools (directors, teachers, students)

The UIA Architecture & Children Golden Cubes Awards process is not a ‘competition’ for which entrants are expected to produce new projects. Instead, they are invited to present submissions relating to an activity that is currently taking place, or to a product that has been produced, or an event which has taken place.

The Award Process has two phases: National and International.

The RAIC is currently organizing the selection process at the national level. The call for submissions is open for entries until December 15, 2022. A jury will then select one entry per award category for submission to the International Awards. 

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Please note, International Award entries will only be reviewed in English. 

During the second phase, the International Jury will evaluate the nominated entries and select one UIA Architecture & Children Golden Cubes Award in each category.

Click here to learn more about the Golden Cube Awards and to download submission forms under “DOCUMENTS FOR ENTRANTS TO DOWNLOAD.” (These will also be available through the RAIC online submission platform).