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Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification (RHFAC) Training

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In partnership with the Rick Hansen Foundation (RHF) and PowerED™ by Athabasca University, The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) is bringing the Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification™ (RHFAC) Training to the architectural community.

Rick Hansen Foundation Accessiblity Certification™ (RHFAC) Training

January 22, 2024 - March 31, 2024 Session

Whether you’re an architect, general contractor, engineer, urban planner, design-builder, or anyone interested in accessibility in the built environment, qualifying for an RHFAC Professional designation will provide you with the knowledge and practical skills needed to rate a building for its overall accessibility under the RHFAC program. 

In Canada, almost 50 percent of adults have or have experienced a permanent or temporary physical disability or live with someone who has. No matter the cause, each of us will experience disability at some point in our lives and will need our communities to be accessible so that we can continue to participate and live full lives. 

Be at the forefront of Canada’s growing accessibility movement with the Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification™ Training. PowerED™ is pleased to partner with the Rick Hansen Foundation to deliver the Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification™ Training online. The online course provides participants with the fundamental skills and knowledge required to rate a site using the Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification™ (RHFAC). 

RHFAC is a rating system that helps both building owners and tenants measure the meaningful accessibility of their sites and promotes increased access through the adoption of Universal Design principles. 

The digital course includes a unique variety of enriched content including virtual fieldwork interactives, a mix of videos, activities, readings, assessment tools, and peer discussions – all offered in a coached digital environment. 

The online course facilitator will host multiple virtual classroom sessions to discuss rating exercises and for learners to present site ratings. They will also be available for questions during predetermined office hours. The schedule is clearly outlined within the learning environment for easy access and e-mailed one week before your course begins. 

Upon successful completion of the Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification™ Training, students are eligible to write the online exam, administered by CSA Group, to become a designated RHFAC Professional. 

Once individuals obtain their RHFAC Professional designation, they are eligible to be publicly listed on the RHFAC Professional Directory. 

What You'll Learn 

  • Explain the impact of the social and physical environment on people with disabilities. 
  • Integrate relevant legislation, regulations, and standards needed when planning and executing a rating. 
  • Integrate Universal Design principles and standards when planning and executing a rating. 
  • Interpret and navigate a set of construction drawings. 
  • Communicate and support rating findings to clients, and prepare a recommendation report of the rating findings, reflecting compliance and gaps related to relevant human rights and accessibility legislation, regulations, and Universal Design standards. 
  • Display professionalism and promote inclusiveness when working with clients. 

What people are saying about the course: 

"I am an Intern Architect and am hoping to specialize in accessible and inclusive design. This course has honestly changed my career. It is eye-opening to realize how much difficulty the "typical" or "conventional" can cause for all kinds of users and exciting to see that there are so many creative and innovative (easy!) ways to make this world accessible and more enjoyable for everyone. All architects should take this course regardless of their occupancy specialization."
- Seanna Thomas, B.ArchSci., M.Arch, Intern Architect, 1080 Architecture Planning + Interiors. 

“This course has helped me advance my specialization in inclusivity and social impact related to the built environment by expanding my knowledge of accessibility and universal design. It has helped me see our surroundings in a new, crucial light.”
- Fiona Jones, BA&Sc, M.Arch., Social Impact + Strategy Coordinator, HCMA Architecture + Design 

Course Information

Program duration:     10 weeks 

Time:                            6-8 hours of study/week 

Delivery:                      Virtual - Every Wednesday from 5:00-7:00PM MT 

Instruction:                 Coached 

Cost:                           $2300 RAIC Members  

                                    $2500 Others 

Dates:                        January 22, 2024 - March 31, 2024 

Registrations ends: January 12, 2024

Only 10 spots available!

Certification Prerequisites 

  • You have a diploma or degree in architecture, engineering, urban planning, interior design or a related program; or 

  • You have a Journeyman Certificate of Qualification in a designated trade related to building construction; or 

  • You are an engineer or are eligible for registration as an engineer; or 

  • You are an architect or are eligible for registration as an architect; or 

  • You have a minimum of five years’ experience related to accessibility in the built environment and/or building construction. 

  • You should possess a high level of proficiency with computer systems and programs, including MS Excel, downloading attachments in PDF, familiarity with discussion forums, adjusting system media settings for virtual streaming sessions as well as solid written and verbal communication skills. 

*The discount to RAIC members is applicable only with registration through the RAIC. 

More information on the course will be provided to you upon registration.


2024-01-22 00:00 through 2024-03-31 00:00
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