The RAIC Metro Vancouver Chapter is giving its voice and support to the Better Transit and Transportation Coalition, a broad-based coalition of business, labour, environment, student, community, health groups and more.

We’re joining in to support the coalition because better transit and transportation align with our priorities as an organization and as a profession. Because architecture and the design of our built environment matters. And because its important for everyone to understand just how important the design of our built environment is to the overall quality of life of our society. Better Transit and Transportation ensures that we can continue to live in compact, connected communities that encourage health and safety while discouraging negative transportation impacts and pollution.

As a member of the coalition, we are asking you – our members and supporters – to leverage your expertise and networks in support of the yes vote in the following three ways:


Step 1/ Download an editable version of one of the two buttons below.
Step 2/ Replace the placeholder logo on the far right with your firm’s logo (or leave blank).
Step 3/ Paste the button below your email signature.









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As architects and urban designers we have a unique capacity to make connections between decisions and impacts visible, meaningful and actionable. Let’s leverage these skills to assist the public in better understanding the implications of this important decision – by creating provocative visions of the resultant future. A bright, healthy, sustainable future enabled by a ‘YES’ vote; and their bleak, depreciated alternatives…’NO’ future.

Suggested themes include: congestion, pollution, social equity, health & wellbeing, long term affordability, and investment in quality of life.

To officially accord bragging rights, best in show entries will be recognized formost compelling visualization’ in two categories: RAICselected, and public vote (by ‘likes’). To promote early production, RAIC-selected entries will be announced end of day, March 29th. And both RAIC and the top public picks will be recognized online and at the upcoming Advocacy in Architecture Awards.

// Technical Specs

For best Instagram sharing, images should be formatted to 400 x 400 pixels (at 72dpi or better). Template available here.

RAIC BTTC Rendering Template


The voice of the campaign on social media is designed to be positive, focusing on the word ‘YES’, on moving Metro Vancouver into the future, and on acting proactively now to make positive investments for growth in the region.

Here are some tips for  tips on how to add Facebook shareable images:

BTTC-Social Media

On Twitter, follow+retweet us @voteyestransit and @RAICMetroVan, hashtags #transtireferendum #cutcongestion and #raicmvtalks (optional: #vanpoli and #bcpoli)

On Facebook, like/tag our page:

On Instagram, post and like your favourite images with @raic_metrovan or hashtag #transtireferendum #cutcongestion and #raicmvtalks

For more tips and some easy stock email templates in support of the ‘YES’, download the RAIC Advocacy Kit.