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The RAIC Vancouver Island South Network would like you to join your architect colleagues in Victoria for an in-person, after work, social event co-sponsored by the RAIC and Cascadia Architects.

Event is open to intern architects and others working in architecture.

DATE: March 21, 2024

TIME:  4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. PT

COST:  Event is free, space is limited.

LOCATION: #101-804 Broughton, Victoria, BC

Snacks and refreshments will be provided.
For more information, please contact Andy Guiry, Associate, Architect AIBC  at


SPEAKER: James Johnson, Interior Construction Specialist, Innovior Construction 





The RAIC Vancouver Island South Network presents: Public Art in Public Places – A Victoria discussion of public art opportunities and issues.

Date: December 14, 2023
Time: 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Location: Wentworth Villa, Architectural Heritage Museum, 1156 Fort St., Victoria, BC

This will be a public gathering, organized and sponsored by the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, Vancouver Island South Chapter, and hosted by the Wentworth Villa, Architectural Heritage Museum. It will provide an RAIC learning session for architects. 

There will be a door admission to help cover event costs, as well as an RAIC architect’s fee for learning credit attendance.

Please note that we intend for the event to be video recorded, for later broadcasting on the Shaw/Rogers Spotlight community TV Channel, and for later on-line public access.

Event Description:

How is public art to be regarded in a time where our cities are in constant flux and change? Should it have an enduring place, or is it fated to come and go, as many of our community structures?

Our event brings together well-regarded local artists, critics, and civic leaders with a breadth of experience - to discuss this timely topic. 


Illarion Gallant – Illarion is both a registered Landscape Architect and a Sculptural Public Artist.
He is a Graduate of Emily Carr Institute of Art with studies abroad in Karlsruhe, West Germany and Vienna, Austria.  He has been producing public art for 40 years.

Pamela Madoff – Pamela served on Victoria City Council for 25 years, with responsibilities for portfolios such as Art in Public Places, Heritage and Planning.   As a councillor, she led the projects to restore the Beacon Hill Park Totem Pole and the Gate of Harmonious Interest.

Robert Randall – Robert is a Victoria based fine artist and graphic designer with previous exhibits at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Rogue Art and the Ministry of Casual Living. Robert has served on the Victoria College of Art Alumni Association, the City’s Downtown Advisory Committee and the Victoria Downtown Resident’s Association.

JC Scott – JC is an internationally experienced hospitality and residential designer specializing in creating successful projects through eco-design.  His volunteer work has included being Co-Chair of the Victoria Public Art Committee and being past Chair of the Victoria Community Arts Council.



Exhibit & Panel Discussion– John Di Castri, Architect 


On June 15, 2023, the Vancouver Island South Network of the RAIC held an in-person public lecture at the Wentworth Villa Architectural Heritage Museum to view and discuss the work of Vancouver architect, John Di Castri. Di Castri was a mid-century architect with an over 50-year practice with impressive design work.





RAIC Vancouver Island South Network presents: Is the Greenest House the One Already Built?

TOPIC:  Is the Greenest House the One That Is Already Built? Real Life Case Studies to Answer this Question
SPEAKERS: Graeme Verhulst - Waymark Architecture and Dallas Hordichuk, Chief Operating Officer, Energy Code Solutions





The Vancouver Island South Network hosted a presentation by UVIC Director of Office of Campus Planning and Sustainability, Mike Wilson. 

SPEAKER: Mike Wilson, Director of Campus Planning and Sustainability - UVIC
TOPIC: Campus Planning: An Update on Planning and Design at the University of Victoria


This webinar will be focused on discussions on general and advancing campus planning topics of our times and will introduce changes to UVIC, both underway and planned, considering growth and up-dating aspirations for a contemporary university.

Length 1.5 hrs


Mike Wilson, Director of Campus Planning and Sustainability.

Now available on-demand.


Particularly in the dynamic geography of British Columbia, seismic considerations have needed to become an integral feature in architectural design. Increasingly stringent seismic engineering and design standards can sometimes be perceived as challenges to architectural budgets, and as constraints to other design objectives. Notably, more demanding seismic criteria may also be seen as a particular hurdle for the maintenance and rehabilitation of heritage buildings.     

In what ways may seismic design be recognized as integral and complementary to effective architectural design? Can adaptive reuse of heritage buildings and additions to heritage buildings help support their seismic up-grading? How might the implementation and expression of seismic design even add inspiration to good architecture?  


Panelists include:

  • Jim Aalders
  • Ian Boyle
  • Adam Hawkes
  • Andy Guiry
  • Terry Williams

Moderated by: Gregor Craigie


If you missed this session, click here to watch on demand



Settler domination and exploitation of the North American continent has not only had catastrophic consequences for the First Nations who had inhabited the continent for millennia but also for the natural environment. Previous to colonization, First Nations had sought to thrive and sustain themselves and the environment by learning from and living in the natural world. What have we as settlers ignored and what things might we yet learn from our First Nations neighbours and colleagues? Given our continuing dialogue in reconciliation, could architects in particular start a conversation on this topic that is meaningful, provocative and powerful?

Panelists include:

  • David Fortin,  PhD, OAA, SAA, MAA, Architect AAA, MRAIC, LEED AP
    Professor of Architecture, University of Waterloo
  • Patrick Stewart, M.Arch., B.Arch., B.E.D.S., B.A.,MAIBC, LEEDTM AP,
    Principal, Patrick Stewart Architect
  • Scott Kemp, Architect, AIBC FRAIC RIBA 
    Past President, AIBC

Moderator: Stacy McGhee, MArch, MRAIC, Manager, Strategic Facilities Planning District of Saanich 

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The District of Saanich is a municipality whose critical infrastructure is not unlike many other similar public organizations with aging assets. While services continue to be delivered through several 

buildings that are 30 to 60 years in age, the District is aware of the long-term serviceability requirements making investment urgent to manage the ever-increasing service delivery risk. The District’s #2 Firehall is a perfect case study on to how to develop a business case, inform and engage the community and to facilitate a conversation on the merits of investing in mass timber with a long term view.


Panelist: Stacy McGhee, MArch, MRAIC, Manager, Strategic Facilities Planning District of Saanich 

If you missed this event, click here to watch on demand.

Can seismic dangers open avenues for opportunities? Instead of paresis before an impending peril – how can our community rise to enact preparations – to seek creative, forward-looking initiatives? 


  • Kate Ulmer, P Eng, Herold Engineering
  • Ken Elwood, MBIE Chair in Earthquake Engineering and Director of the newest Centre of Research Excellence (CoRE), QuakeCoRE: Centre for Earthquake Resilience
  • Leon Plett P Eng, MIStructE, Struct.Eng., LEED® AP | Managing Principal, Reid Jones Christopherson Engineering
  • Professor Martin Segger, Associate Fellow Centre for Global Studies, University of Victoria. 

Moderator: Gregor Craigie

If you missed this event, click here to watch on demand.