Governor General's Medals in Architecture - 2024 Recipient - Théâtre de Verdure | Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

Governor General's Medals in Architecture - 2024 Recipient - Théâtre de Verdure

Théâtre de Verdure
Award Category: 
Governor General’s Medals in Architecture


Owner/ Client: Ville de Montréal
Interior / exterior area, in square metres
Site: 7,825 m2 Building: 635 m2
Exact construction contract value / building cost of the project: $11.5 million
Date of Occupancy: June 28, 2022 

This revitalization of the Théâtre de Verdure dating back to 1956 in Montreal’s Parc La Fontaine redefines the relationship between the built and the natural. This gesture broadens access to arts and culture, reaffirms the theatre’s identity, and makes it open and accessible with a four-season design, embedment in nature, and greater sustainability. Accommodating crowds of 2,500 for outdoor performances, its immaterial presence, delicate placement on the water and backstage opening up and out to the public blurs the boundary between theatre and landscape—a window connecting spectators, performers and the public with this great garden in the city. 

Abridged Project Credits:
(see Architecture Canada publication out in Fall 2024 for more details)

Client - Ville de Montréal
Architecture - Lemay
Landscape Architecture - Lemay
Mechanical, Electrical Engineering - Bouthillette Parizeau
Structural Engineering - Calculatec
Civil Engineering - Marchand Houle
Theatre Consultant - Trizart Alliance
Lighting Consultant - Ombrages
Forestry Engineering - Nadeau Foresterie
Contractor - AXE Construction

Jury Comment(s): 

The redevelopment of Montreal’s Théâtre de Verdure has breathed new life into the La Fontaine Park and created a public amenity which is positively contributing to the urban landscape of the city once again.The building becomes a theatrical play in itself, with the observer becoming an active participant in the way one experiences the journey through the park, with glimpses of and through the building. The idyllic setting is enhanced by the theater being set on the water. This creates the illusion that the building is delicately floating, creating transparency and capturing views of nature beyond. The well-considered laying of materials and lightness of structure makes this project a delight to experience and a sensitive addition to the park.

2024 Jury

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Architecture, landscape, stage and park in dialogue

PHOTO - Adrien Williams

Paths and tiers unfold

PHOTO - JF Savaria

Redeveloped and redefined site

PHOTO - Adrien Williams

The stage as connector

PHOTO - Adrien Williams

The theatre opens onto Parc La Fontaine

PHOTO - Adrien Williams

Artists taking the stage

PHOTO - Ville de Montréal

A renewed, green, modern and lively public space

PHOTO - Adrien Williams