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RAIC Honorary Membership - Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions: October 11, 2023
Submission Deadline: January 11, 2024, 10 pm ET

Terms of Reference

>  Purpose

>  Number of Awards

>  Eligibility

>  Frequency

>  Submission Requirements

>  Public Presentation

>  Selection Process


1. Purpose

This honour is to recognize individuals who have given valuable and distinguished service to the architectural profession, and upheld the objectives and values of the RAIC, including support and advancement of equity, diversity and inclusion. It is generally awarded to individuals who would not qualify for regular Membership. Honorary Members may include people working with architectural organizations, architectural schools, allied professionals, academics, and others. 

2. Eligibility

A Member of the Institute may nominate any individual for Honorary Membership. Nominations require the support of at least two (2) Members as References. A Member or Fellow may only support only one nomination in a given year. 

3. Submission Materials

Nominations must be completed using the RAIC online submission platform


The following items must be completed or provided:

  1. Completed nomination form;
  2. A maximum two-page biography of the nominee;
  3. Letter of support from the nominator and letters from at least two additional members containing specific reasons for their support. 

Submissions must be received before 10:00 p.m. ET, Thursday, January 11, 2024. Entrants are solely responsible for timely submissions. This date and time are firm without exceptions.

Entries can be submitted either in English or in French.

All entries will be retained by the RAIC for publication, exhibition and archival purposes. 

Note: Once you have started the online submission process, you may 'save' and come back at a later date to complete your submission (prior to the submission deadline).

4. Selection Process

The RAIC Board of Directors shall unanimously approve the nomination. 

5. Number of Awards

The number of Honorary Memberships to be conferred each year will be determined by the Board of Directors. At its discretion, the Board may elect not to confer an Honorary Membership. 

6. Frequency

The award(s) are to be offered every year.

7. Public Presentation

 An Honorary Membership certificate will be conferred on the recipient at a RAIC public event.  

For more information

E-mail: awards-prix@raic.org
Tel: (613) 241-3600 x 2015