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Sourcing More Sustainable Products for your Project

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Sourcing More Sustainable Products for your Project

Corporate Affiliates Series

Topics: Design / Construction

Time: 1 hour | What's included: video, quiz, certificate of completion

Sourcing healthier products -- where do we start? Where do you go to find them? Is the manufacturer being transparent with what a product is made of? All of these questions will be answered in today’s session. We care about what we eat, for the most part, but what about the products and materials we use in our designs? We need to be aware and pay attention. Blake Adams will walk participants through key considerations when it comes to material transparency, before jumping into a tour of 

Learning Outcomes:

At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to: 

  • Relate knowledge of more sustainable and healthy options to others with confidence. 
  • Analyze labels and disclosures on products to make better choices.   
  • Recognize Mortarr as a source for sustainable products and projects in the commercial construction and design industry. 
  • Source healthier products for future projects.  

Subject Matter Experts

Blake Adams

LFA, Account Executive | Mortarr

Blake is from Albert Lea, MN. Went to the University of Minnesota-Duluth for his Bachelor’s degree. Recently completed ILFI’s LFA program. He is an Account Executive and has been with Mortarr for a little over 1.5 years. Prior to joining Mortarr, Blake spent years in the mortgage industry and played juniors hockey. Blake is married with 2 daughters. Everly 2.5 years old and Palmer 3.5 months old. He has golden retriever named Walter. Loves to spend time with his family, at the lake and on the golf course. Thoroughly enjoys the game of hockey will be coaching the local high school team this upcoming season.

Jen Levisen

Content Director + EiC | Mortarr

Jen is Content Director at Mortarr, a search engine for the commercial construction and design industry. Mortarr allows users to showcase commercial projects and products, connect with industry professionals, grow networks of partnerships, access product specifications, order samples, and collaborate and track decisions in real-time with clients and project teams.

Jen is responsible for managing Mortarr's internal and external communications, and oversees the company's PR, email marketing and content creation efforts. Jen also developed and leads Mortarr’s Forum, an online journal featuring in-depth interviews with leading pros and brands, the latest projects, and insights from thought leaders across the industry.

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