Reimagining our Streets for Disruptive Times | REGULAR | Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

Reimagining our Streets for Disruptive Times | REGULAR

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The Webday Wednesday Series Urbanism: post-pandemic approaches will explore the opportunities and creative conceptual designs emerging from the pandemic's disruption of our daily lives.

Reimagining our Streets for Disruptive Times

Webday Wednesday Series

Topics: Urbanism / COVID-19 / Design

Length: 1 hour l What's included: video, quiz, certificate of completion

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The current pandemic that we are all experiencing is revealing significant cracks in the social, cultural, and physical foundation of our communities. As an example, we are finding that while most streets can accommodate a degree of change, when a disruptor like COVID-19 comes along many streets struggle to meet the challenge. At the same time, through this crisis we are witnessing that these thoroughfares are even more vital to our communities' ability to physically, socially, and culturally survive and thrive. Streets need to move far beyond simply being physical channels for circulation.

We live in a world where drastic changes are more common, and more quickly and deeply disruptive than ever before. Our session delves into this new normal. We will share observations, propose strategies, and highlight case study ideas about how streets can be transformed to anticipate and embrace disruption with flexibility and agility while nurturing the communities they serve.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Analyze a street’s existing conditions and compile a list of five to ten of its physical attributes that could be transformed to make it more resilient to a disruptive event such as a pandemic, and more responsive to community needs.
  • Prioritize the items in that list and turn it into a plan of action.
  • Engage people in their community, through a participatory public process to help create an action plan that has public consensus.
  • Employ some of the modular component/design ideas outlined in the presentation to Create site-specific design responses to their street area.

Subject Matter Expert

Gordon StratfordFRAIC, OAA, TSA, B Environmental Studies, B Architecture

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