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Lines in the Land - REGULAR


Lines in the Land

This webinar was part of the RAIC 2021 Virtual Conference on Architecture and the RAIC Internation and Indigenous Architecture and Design Symposium

Topics: Indigenous Design, Indigenous Collaboration

Length: 1 hour | What's Included: Video, Quiz, and Certificate of Completion 

This webinar is available to stream! 

Collaborations: Indigenous / Non-Indigenous Co-Design and Building with First Nations, Metis and Inuit Communities

Since 2018 David Fortin has been working with an ally scholar, Adrian Blackwell at the University of Waterloo, to interrogate the way that our collective relationship with the Land has been profoundly impacted by the colonial “idea” of property. They have recently completed an edited volume of Scapegoat Journal focused on this study where we brought together a multidisciplinary group of Indigenous and non-Indigenous thinkers, artists, academics, and practitioners to talk about the idea of property and how it impacts our communities, our work, our relations with the Land and each other. This session would share with participants a critical perspective on the role that “property” plays in the ongoing process of violent colonial land appropriation and how it shapes and confines the possibilities for contemporary Indigenous architecture in obvious and unsettling ways.

Subject Matter Experts

David Fortin, PhD, OAA, SAA, Architect AAA, MAA, MRAIC / Associate Professor and Director, Laurentian University

Adrian Blackwell, BES, BArch, MUD / Associate Professor, University of Waterloo, School of Architecture

Available Until: December 31, 2022 
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