Candidates for the position of Registrar, RAIC College of Fellows

Claudio Brun del Re, FRAIC

Claudio Brun del Re is a graduate of the University of Waterloo (1984). In 1993, he joined the University of Ottawa where he implemented a Quality-Based-Selection process for architect’s services. This achievement of fairness was cited in his induction for fellowship (2003). Under his leadership, a sequence of major projects transformed the campus to become a vibrant and sustainable urban place.

Serving as the 2007-2008 president of the Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB), Claudio engaged with provincial associations, schools of architecture, and the RAIC to successfully reorganize the CACB. His continuing participation in accreditation broadens his understanding of national issues, notably those impacting future generations of students and interns. His fluency in both in English and French helps to foster greater inclusivity and more effective dialogue. He is committed to developing policies and strategies designed to remain relevant and meaningful.

More than ever, the college’s mission to promote excellence is an essential and important public differentiator for our profession. Claudio believes that recognizing the genuine and diversified achievements of architects, through the fellowship program, adds presence in all regions of Canada to the benefit of all architects.



Ranjit Dhar, PP/FRAIC

I believe that the College of Fellows’ mandate is to make its services appealing to interns, new architects, and society.

As such, I have decided to run again for the position of Registrar to assist in achieving the mandate.

I am committed, with time and valuable experience, to achieve RAIC mission and vision that is being implemented by the RAIC Board of Directors. I expect to organize a Fellows volunteer mentoring service for interns and immigrant architects across the country through Ryerson University and JVS Toronto.

With my proven leadership experience in architectural organizations at provincial, national, and international levels, I feel confident that I will make meaningful contributions.

Selected leadership roles and peer recognition:


•         UIA Council member– Region 3, the Americas – 2011-2014

•         President, RAIC– 2009-2010

•         President, OAA–2001

•         Hon. Fellow of the Korean Institute of Architects – 2014

•         A founder and chairman, Canadian Design-Build Institute – 2002-2004

•         Board member, Canadian Construction Association – 2002-2004

•         Chairman, AIA Design-Build Group, 2001-2003

•         Vice-chairman, AIA Academy of Architecture for Justice -2006

•         Hon. Fellow, AIA-2008

•         OAA Order of Leonardo da Vinci medal recipient –2011

        Thank you for your support.

Ranjit Dhar, PP/FRAIC


Randall L Romanin, AIBC, AAA, OAA(P/P), FRAIC, HON FCARM


I am submitting my nomination for the position of Registrar at the RAIC College of Fellows.

While fulfilling the duties of Registrar and as a member of the COF National Committee, I would focus on the following:

  • Supporting the RAIC Foundation by engaging Fellows in promoting its role, visibility, and sustainability;
  • Maintaining advancement to the COF based on the established mission and objectives of the college;
  • Utilizing the knowledge and experience of college members, in conjunction with the RAIC, to support young practitioners.

My experience in support of this position includes:

  • President of the Ontario Association of Architects;
  • Chair, Committee of Canadian Architectural Councils;
  • NCARB Architect’s Registration Exam Sub-Committee chair; and
  • several other positions within these organizations and the RAIC.

Also, I started and led the architectural division of an architecture and engineering practice for over 25 years and am currently working on a part-time basis as a senior architect with a firm which has offices throughout North America.

In summary, given my focus and my experience within various architectural associations and in private practice, I believe I can contribute much to the College of Fellows and look forward to your support for Registrar.

Thank you for your consideration.