Panamerican Biennial of architecture of Quito | Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

Panamerican Biennial of architecture of Quito

RAIC members are invited to participate as entrants, coordinators, or academic advisors in the 2018 Pan-American Architecture Biennial of Quito (BAQ).

The event takes place November 19 – 23, 2018 in Quito, Ecuador under the auspices of the Ecuadorian Architects Association Coordinators The BAQ is seeking architects in Canada to serve as coordinators to promote the Biennial and to facilitate Canadian entries for the competition and exhibition. (Coordinators will receive payment based on the number of registered projects.)

Competition The Biennial Competition is a competition of projects, books, and magazines published within the last four years on the American continent.

The entry categories are the following:

a) Architectural Design

b) Urban Design and Landscape Architecture

c) Social Habitat and Development (WORLDWIDE COMPETITION)

d) Rehabilitation and Recycling

e) History, theory and critic of Architecture, Urbanism and Landscape

f) Specialized Periodical Publications


The BAQ invites Pan American architecture schools and faculties to be part of the development of the themes for the workshops and seminars of the academic program of BAQ2018. BAQ is also seeking to exhibit EXPO BAQ in several Canadian cities with the support of universities and professional associations. The Ecuadorian Architect Association (CAE-P), runs the Biennial to generate exchange, comparison, and analysis of architectural and urban trends. For more information, please visit or contact: