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President's Medal for Multimedia 2021 Recipient

Canadian Modern Architecture: 1967 to the Present
Award Category: 
President’s Award for Media in Architecture

This award recognizes a narrative about buildings and cities that promotes the publics understanding of architecture and the role of architects. The entry must be a body of work.  

Elsa Lam (Editor), Graham Livesey (Editor)
Published: 2019 

The book Canadian Modern Architecture: 1967 to the Present is the first comprehensive volume on modern and contemporary Canadian architecture to appear in over 25 years. It is co-published by Princeton Architectural Press and Canadian Architect magazine. 

Canadian Modern Architecture: 1967 to the Present, is a far-reaching review of major work in this county. It includes 15 original essays by authors including George Baird (FRAIC), Brian Carter, (Hon. FRAIC), Ian Chodikoff (FRAIC), Odile Hénault, George Kapelos (FRAIC), Lisa Landrum (FRAIC), Steven Mannell (FRAIC), Sherry McKay, Marco Polo (FRAIC), Colin Ripley (MRAIC), Lola Sheppard, David Theodore (MRAIC), Larry Wayne Richards (FRAIC), Adele Weder (Hon. MRAIC) and Mason White (MRAIC). It is illustrated with 500 photographs and drawings. 

On behalf of all the collaborators who contributed to this book, we are honoured to accept the President’s Medal for Canadian Modern Architecture: 1967 to the present. We conceived of this book as a comprehensive account of a vibrant period of Canadian architectural history—a legacy continued by Canadian architects today. We hope that the book continues to serve as a key resource for students, practitioners, and the larger architectural community.

The 50-year retrospective begins with the nation’s centennial and Expo 67 in Montreal. It covers the defining of national institutions and movements, how Canadian architects interpreted major international trends, regional and Indigenous architectural tendencies, and the influence of architects in Canada’s three largest cities—Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.  

Jury Comment(s): 

This book brings together some of the foremost observers on architecture in Canada. In 15 chapters, these authors clearly explain the themes and regional trends that have shaped the country’s built form in this period – a period in which, as the editors suggest, a truly Canadian architecture was born for the first time. This assembly of expertise and regional knowledge allows the book to provide a depth of insight that no one individual could offer. Canadian Modern Architecture is a body of work whose diversity and variety are entirely Canadian.  The book “Canadian Modern Architecture: 1967 to the Present“ is a body of work representing Canadian Architecture from coast to coast diligently and completely compiled into one superb Anthology. It is a timely piece which may take decades to replicate and or replace.

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