National Urban Design Awards — 2018 Medal Recipient | Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

National Urban Design Awards — 2018 Medal Recipient

Place Vauquelin
Award Category: 
Civic Design Projects

Lead Firm: Lemay (Marie-Ève Parent, Jean-Philippe André, Sophie Lacoste, Benoit Gaudet, Carlos Santibanez, Isabelle Giasson)

Completion: June 2017

Place Vauquelin in Old Montreal’s administrative district had fallen into disrepair. The aim was to restore its sense of place and maximize natural and historic features according to the district’s master plan. Strategies included accentuating monumental facades, introducing a forecourt for City Hall, showcasing wall remnants from the first courthouse and prison, and emphasizing the square’s belvedere characteristics. The project added street furniture, vegetation, and open spaces, and took accessibility to a new level with heated paving and an integrated staircase and ramp.

Jury Comment(s): 

“Last updated over a half-century ago, the new Place Vauquelin solidifies its importance in Old Montreal’s landscape heritage. Safeguarding its past was guided by extensive research into its historical evolution. Its importance as a link between the old and the modern city was renewed by improved sightlines all around, a new level connection to the old city, and a new accessible pedestrian link on its steep northern side.”   

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Photo: Adrien Williams

Photo: Adrien Williams

Photo: Denis Labine

Photo: Adrien Williams

Photo: Adrien Williams