National Urban Design Awards — 2014 Recipient | Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

National Urban Design Awards — 2014 Recipient

Pottery Road Bicycle and Pedestrian Crossing
Award Category: 
Urban Fragments

PLANT Architect Inc.

The project comprises a new controlled crossing and reconfigured road-island. It is part of a larger project to provide interpretation, accessibility, and environmental control for the Lower Don Recreational Trail. The project improves the safety of pedestrians and cyclists, and choreographs an experience of the landscape.

On either side of the intersection, users are met with thresholds of benches and grating. A new path is marked with blue ground-imprinted water graphics to both navigate the journey and signal the presence of the Don River. Orientation maps on sculpted surfaces mirror the topography. Markers illustrate the flood heights of past, present, and future storms. 

Jury Comment(s): 

“The project demonstrates that some creative thinking applied to what seems to be a mundane problem results in a safety-based solution that is also a very handsome piece of road infrastructure. This project provides a lesson in the value of thoughtful and multi-functional design solutions that many municipalities could take to heart."

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Photo: Peter Legris

Photo: Peter Legris

Photo: Peter Legris

Photo: Chris Pommer/PLANT

Photo: Peter Legris