Awards of Excellence — 2011 Recipient | Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

Awards of Excellence — 2011 Recipient

Kerchum Residence
Award Category: 
Green Building (Administered in partnership with the Canada Green Building Council)

Frits de Vries Architect Ltd.

Frits de Vries designed the Kerchum Residence focusing on integrating efficient environmental consciousness with a modern architectural aesthetic. The home has received LEED® Platinum for Homes Certification with its energy consumption, finishes, and landscape design all working together to push the boundaries of sustainability. Yet the architectural focus has not been compromised: it explores the potential for a diversity of spatial experiences in a home, as well as accommodating a multitude of expectations and functions. The design juxtaposes open and airy spaces with smaller, more intimate spaces, connected by an open, central stair, creating synergy between work, private, and entertaining areas. 

Jury Comment(s): 

At the residential scale, net-zero energy and much more extensive definitions of green design can be brought into play. The Ketchum Residence does not attempt aggressive targets, but does present a well integrated and attractive detached house that will be robust and easy to maintain while keeping a low energy and carbon footprint. As a house Platinum certified in the LEED Homes program it shows that green performance is not incompatible with elegant design."

"This is an example of innovative architecture resulting in a high level of performance and design quality. As this project offers a real alternative to the typical single family home design, I believe it deserves mention as a merit award."

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photos: Lucas Finlay