Prix du XXe siècle — 2011 Recipient | Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

Prix du XXe siècle — 2011 Recipient

The Museum of Anthropology at UBC (1971-76)

Arthur Erickson Architects

Award Category: 
Prix du XXe siècle

The building aptly captures both the landscape of the West Coast and the spirit of the First Nations People...Arthur Erickson has created many poignant buildings in Canada, but none capture the Canadian identity as powerfully as the UBC Museum of Anthropology, which sits proudly as the Pantheon of the West Coast Spirit, more so the spirit of Canadian architecture.

Jury Comment(s): 

"The jury felt that the Museum exemplifies more than any other building Erickson’s thoughtful handling of modern concrete structures so as to respond to its natural setting and its program. Inspired by the post and beam architecture of the northwest coastal First Nations, the striking façade opening towards the sea does not, however, fall prey to uni-dimensional ethnological references. On the contrary it weds the language of modern large span concrete structures with a primitive purity of form while providing a dramatic framing for viewing the splendid landscape beyond."

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photo: James Cheng

photo: Cheryl Cooper

photo: James Cheng

photo: Donald Luxton

photo: Nicole Nadeau