Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

Nomination of Members for Fellowship

Nomination for Fellowship 2019

Nominations of new Fellows are now welcome to be submitted by e-mail to the Chairman of your Regional Committee for review; hard-copy signatures on letters can be replaced with electronic signatures. Hard-copy nominations will also be accepted. Please refer to the listing of Regional Chairs on the last page of this document. 

Should you need further details of the process of bestowing Fellowship, please call (613) 241-3600 ext. 214, fax (613) 241-5750 or e-mail

PART I - Guidelines for Nomination of Members for Fellowship 

(The following information has been extracted from the College of Fellows Rules and Regulations, Clauses 6.3.l - 6.3.12, amended by the College of Fellows, June 2, 2001) 

"A Fellow is a Member of the Institute who has achieved professional eminence or has rendered distinctive service to the profession or to the community at large. Nomination and advancement to Fellowship is administered by the College. A Member must have been a member of the Institute for at least five years prior to nomination as a Fellow. Fellowship is bestowed for life and is one of the highest honours the Institute can confer upon a Member."(Clause 3.2.1) 

Fellowship is bestowed in recognition of achievements of excellence in architecture based on the following three catergories: 1) design excellence represented by past awards; 2) outstanding scholarly contribution represented by research, publications, and education; or 3) distinguished service to the profession or the community.

  1. Nomination for Fellowship is CONFIDENTIAL AND MUST REMAIN ANONYMOUS. All nominators are required to maintain confidentiality with no direct contact whatsoever between nominators and the nominee related to the nomination.
  2. The candidate must both be a member in good standing and have been a member of the RAIC for at least five years prior to the nomination as a Fellow. 
  3. Five members (at least one of whom must be a Fellow) are required for each nomination. One of the nominators should be designated as the “primary nominator” and shall ensure all documentation is submitted correctly to the Regional Chair in the region in which the nominee normally resides.
  4. A nominee must not solicit his or her nomination in any form what so ever.
    (NOTE: No two nominators may be from the same architectural firm or faculty. A member may only support one nomination in a given year)
  5. All nominators must be members in good standing of the RAIC and must support only one nominee.
  6. The primary nominator shall provide a curriculum vitae of the nominee and a 250 word citation, in Word format. Please review the written requirements for the nominee suitable for publication in the Convocation booklet. Samples of previous citations may be viewed on the RAIC website: /sites/default/files/book-of-fellows-2018.pdf  
  7. Each nominator, including the primary nominator, shall write a letter bearing his/her signature (if sent by email, electronic signature is required). This letter is addressed to the RAIC College of Fellows, National Committee and attests “to their intimate knowledge of the good works and the character of their nominee”. The letters must identify and support the category or, if applicable, catergories, under which the candidate is nominated. See the writing requirements in the nomination form below.
  8. Documentation required, submitted electronically:

    A) A completed nomination form indicating all five nominators - identifying the “Primary Nominator” and the appropriate category or catergories for the nomination;

    B) Five signed letters in support of the nomination, specific to the category or categories selected, one from each nominator;

    C) Curriculum vitae for nominee. The following information should be included:
    • Current position / employment
    • Professional activities: Offices held and dates (Chapters, Associations, Institutes)
    • Community activities: Positions held and dates
    • Architectural practice and related activities
    • Architectural awards recieved
    • Other pertinent information deemed essential for consideration

    D) 250 word citation suitable for publication in Convocation booklet. This must be provided in electronic Word format

  9. It is strongly recommended that the Prime Nominator obtain confirmation of receipt from the Regional Chair or from RAIC staff.
  10. October 31st, 2018 is the deadline for receipt of nominations by Regional Chairs - See list of Regional Chairs