Enbridge | Royal Architectural Institute of Canada


Enbridge Gas works hard to help Ontario residents and businesses save money with their energy-efficiency programs. Demand-side management (DSM) programs also offer effective ways to reduce the environmental footprint of homes and businesses.

In the bigger picture, they see the need to provide affordable and reliable energy while protecting the environment. As well, their parent company, Enbridge Inc. sees significant opportunities in renewable energy, particularly offshore wind and solar.

For many years, Enbridge Gas has been an energy-saving leader in Ontario, encouraging its residential, low-income, commercial, and industrial customers to use natural gas wisely through their long-established DSM programs. Their higher purpose is always this: improve people’s quality of life by reducing their energy costs.

On the homeowner side, they offer rebate programs for energy-efficient measures such as upgrades to insulation, an upgraded furnace, an energy audit, along with new building construction advice for builders to build energy-efficient homes. In some cases, homeowners pay nothing for the upgrades to their homes.

Programs designed for multi-residential, commercial, and industrial customers include incentives to invest in energy-efficient technologies geared to new and existing commercial buildings. These incentives include the purchase and installation of efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, and custom solutions specific to the customer’s needs.

Their goal is to provide homeowners and businesses with accurate, objective, and leading-edge advice on energy efficiency. They firmly believe that conservation is one of the best long-term ways to reduce energy costs for residents and help businesses in Ontario be more competitive.