Emerging Architect Award — Call for Submissions

Submission Deadline: January 24, 2020

Terms of Reference

>  Purpose

>  Number of Awards

>  Eligibility

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>  Selection Process


1. Purpose

This award is to recognize an emerging architect for excellence in design, leadership and/or service to the profession. It is intended that this award will inspire other individuals  to become licensed and to strive for excellence in their work.   

2. Eligibility

An architect registered in Canada who is an RAIC member and is 45 years or younger or in practice and/or licensed for 5-10 years on the date of the deadline for the Call for Submissions.  In exceptional circumstances, the Emerging Architect Award may be awarded to more than one individual architect where it is clearly demonstrated that the associated nominees have individually and collectively met the selection criteria.

Submissions received will be considered each year for three consecutive years, after which the submission will lapse. The submitter(s) may modify/revise the submission to bring it up to date.  This does not apply to award recipients.

3. Submission

Submissions will be completed using the NEW online submission platform.

Submissions must be received before 11:59 p.m. EST, Friday, January 24, 2020. Entrants are solely responsible for timely submissions. This date and time are firm without exceptions.

The submission shall illustrate work of the emerging architect; the work may be completed prior to registration and it may include any work undertaken as an employee of an architectural practice. The work and the role of the architect must be verified by a partner, director or sole practitioner of the architectural practice.

Each submission shall include the following:

  1. Completed Submission Form;
  2. A current résumé of the nominee (maximum of two pages);
  3. A maximum of 20 pages that include the following:
  • Letters of verification sufficient to illustrate that what is presented in the submission is the work of the candidate or of the practice;
  • The Jury must be given a clear ability to discern the authenticity of the work as having been prepared by the submitter either in whole or in part. If in part or through collaboration with others, especially where the submitter is employed by an established practice, the roles and responsibilities of the submitter must be clearly and fully described, as well as the specific contributions to the quality of such work. Credit shall only be taken for the Emerging Architect’s own work.
  • The Jury must also be able to interpret the quality of the materials presented based on clarity of text, drawings and photographs with suitable references, notes or other forms of identification as required. Lack of clarity diminishes the Jury’s ability to fairly compare and evaluate nominees.
  • A clear and concise summary of the candidate’s contributions to “excellence in design, leadership and/or service to the profession”;
  • A digital photograph of the nominee;
  • Letters of support from two registered/licensed Architects who are RAIC members of which at least one is a Fellow. For letters of support to be of value they must clearly attest to the values and principles of the nominee. General comments about the quality or reputation of the work are not sufficient.
  • Images representing the architect’s work;

    4. A signed declaration form;
    5. A numerical index listing all images and providing full credit information.

Entries can be submitted either in English or in French.

Note: Once you have started the online submission process, you may 'save' and come back at a later date to complete your submission (prior to the submission deadline).

4. Selection Process

The Jury appointed by the College of Fellows National Committee to select the RAIC Gold Medalist and the Architectural Firm or Practice Award shall also decide on the winning Emerging Architect Award recipient. The Jury shall forward its decision to the RAIC Board of Directors regarding the individual to receive the award. The President of RAIC shall bestow the award.

5. Number of Awards

One Emerging Architect medal award only will be conferred every year.  The Emerging Architect Award recipient will be invited to sit on the Gold Medal, Emerging Architectural Practice Award and the Architectural Firm Jury, the year following his/her award.

At its discretion the Jury may also elect to award an Honourable Mention, or to not confer an award.

All un-awarded submissions will be carried-forward for consideration for a further period of three (3) years, as long as the age and other criteria continue to apply, after which the submission will lapse.

The award shall be a medal, with the RAIC emblem and inscribed on the reverse:


Award of Excellence – Emerging Architect


6. Frequency

The award is to be every year.

7. Public Presentation

The presentation of the RAIC Award of Excellence – Emerging Architect will be made at the Festival of Architecture or other suitable event.

For more information

E-mail: awards-prix@raic.org
Tel: (613) 241-3600 x 215

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