Towards Sustainable Canadian Urbanism - the Architect's Role | REGULAR | Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

Towards Sustainable Canadian Urbanism - the Architect's Role | REGULAR

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Join Alex Taranu, the founder of the council for Canadian Urbanism, to explore the architects role and their important contributions to Canadian Urbanism

Towards Sustainable Canadian Urbanism - the Architect's Role

Webday Wednesday Series

Topis: Urbanism, Design, Sustainability

Length: 1 hour l What's included: video, quiz, certificate of completion

Alex Taranu, FRAIC, FCIP, OAA, RPP, founder of the Council for Canadian Urbanism is talking about Canadian urbanism, the architects role and their very important contribution to Canadian urbanism. This session will present an overview of the efforts for an authentic Canadian urbanism, from the post colonial to the modernist and post modern times the way they influenced contemporary cities, planning and architectural design. The most relevant issues, current trends and innovative practices across the country will also be presented and discussed, ranging from infill and intensification of existing areas, transit-oriented development, master planned communities, urbanizing suburbia to integration of heritage.

Contemporary, innovative planning and design tools including integrative design will also be presented and discussed including the way architects can use them and their role in City building and design. A particular attention will be given to planning and design for climate change and sustainability, greening of the public infrastructure, open space design, downtown revitalization, local character improvements and design excellence for diversity and social equity. The lessons from the pandemic, the emerging work in urbanism and architecture for the post pandemic world, addressing the big emergency – Climate Change, for more complete, balanced and healthy communities will also be discussed.

Learning Outcomes:
At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Learn about the tradition of Canadian urbanism beyond the colonial and post colonial periods and including the modernist and post modern times, the way they influenced contemporary cities, planning and architectural design.
  • Learn and discuss the most relevant issues, trends and practices through some highlighted projects in areas such as high rise neighbourhoods, transit oriented development, urbanizing suburbia 
  • Learn about the innovative practices in urbanism, planning and design of cities, neighbourhoods and developments across Canada in particular from the 12 areas of innovation summarized by CanU ranging from regional planning to heritage integration
  • Learn and discuss about the most recent planning and design tools being used in contemporary urbanism practice, their impact on architectural design ands the architects contribution to sustainable, liveable, authentic Canadian urbanism.

Subject Matter Expert

Alexandru Taranu, FRAIC, FCIP, OAA, RPP

Sr. Advisor, Design, City of Brampton/Council for Canadian Urbanism

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