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CCDC Contracts: Supplementary and Non-Standard Clauses

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Course Duration: 8:00am PDT – 12:00pm PDT


This course is approved for 12 AIBC Core LU.

When it comes to contracts, it’s not about your own thoughts and assumptions - it’s about what’s written!

Allocation of risk often gets changed in contract clauses based on project owners or their lawyers’ past experiences. The issue with changes to contract clauses is the lack of understanding of what the clause means and its associated risk. This means if the risk materializes and disputes arise, relationships are damaged, project costs can increase, schedules can be compromised, bidders can jeopardize their businesses and the potential for litigation increases.

This course will help you understand what the risks are in CCDC, CCA and provincial standard contracts that have been modified by non-standard clauses, why these clauses are modified and the costs associated with these clauses.

BE AWARE: In the nuances of the prime contract clauses, there are implications to all partners including the consultants and subcontractors.

You will experience all this through the eyes of the project partners – the owner, consultant and contractor. Experts from each sector will share their insight, knowledge and explain the “why”, “what” and “how” to mitigate these clauses.

  • Understand WHAT the risks are in CCDC, CCA and provincial standard contracts that have been modified by supplementary conditions
  • Discover WHY these clauses are modified
  • Develop strategies on HOW to address the impact of these clauses
  • Apply what you have learned to determine COSTS associated with these clauses

“A fantastic course to deep dive into supplementary conditions and consider what they *actually* mean from different construction industry perspectives.” - Architect participant (January 2024)

"Being better prepared on my part, as being newer to the construction management side of construction I felt behind in class (my fault). Over my 45 year career in construction and having attended many training seminars, the information presented was at a level I have not experienced before. The trainers presented the information so well, clear, concise and with such passion, excitement and enthusiasm it was enjoyable to be a part of the class. Nice to see people passing on their knowledge with no strings attached and wanting to see people succeed." - Participant (February 2024)

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