Architects from 15 communities named 2016 Fellows | Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

Architects from 15 communities named 2016 Fellows

OTTAWA April 28, 2016 – A Vancouver leader in condominium rehabilitation, a Montreal heritage expert involved in restoration on Parliament Hill, a Toronto architect reshaping his city, and the designer of some 150 projects in Nunavut are among the Canadian architects to be named 2016 Fellows.

The College of Fellows of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) bestows Fellowship in recognition of outstanding achievement. Criteria include design excellence, exceptional scholarly contribution, or distinguished service to the profession or the community.
Representing Canada coast-to-coast, the 41 new Fellows come from Charlottetown, Pokemouche, St. John’s, Dartmouth, Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Calgary, Burnaby, and Vancouver.

They include:

  • Donald Hazledon, of Vancouver, BC, who formed the Building Envelope Research Consortium in 1995 to address the issue of leaky condominiums and develop technical solutions;
  • Ewa Bieniecka, of Montreal, QC, who has worked on some of Canada’s most recognizable heritage landmarks including the rehabilitation of the West Block and East Blocks on Parliament Hill and who is the RAIC vice-president;
  • Harriet Burdett-Moulton, of Dartmouth, NS, a Métis architect who was the second female graduate architect from Nova Scotia Technical University and has designed more than 150 projects in Nunavut;
  • Calvin Brook, a Toronto architect, urban designer and planner whose projects include Downsview Park, Waterfront Toronto’s Gardiner Transformation Project and the city’s Avenues and Mid-Rise Buildings study.

See full list below.

Fellows will be inducted at the College of Fellows Convocation, which takes place during the RAIC’s Festival of Architecture in Nanaimo, BC, June 8 to 11.

In addition, President, CEO and Founding Director of the Canada Green Building Council Thomas Mueller, MA, LEED AP, is being inducted into the College as an Honourary Fellow and giving the Keynote Address at the convocation ceremony on June 9th.

2016 Fellows


David Bergmark, FRAIC, Charlottetown

Jacques Boucher, FRAIC, Pokemouche, N.-B.

James Case, FRAIC, St. John's

Harriet Burdett-Moulton, FRAIC, Dartmouth

Anthony Cook, FRAIC, Halifax

Carol G. Rogers, FRAIC, Halifax


Ewa Bieniecka, FIRAC, Montréal

Guy Favreau, FIRAC, Montréal

Maxime-Alexis Frappier, FIRAC, Montréal

Bruno St-Jean, FIRAC, Montréal


David K. Cole, FRAIC, Ottawa

Gerald D. Conway, FRAIC, Ottawa

Toon Dreessen, FRAIC, Ottawa

Murray Gallant, FRAIC, Ottawa

Cheryl Atkinson, FRAIC, Toronto

Tania Bortolotto, FRAIC, Toronto

Calvin Brook, FRAIC, Toronto

John E. Christie, FRAIC, Toronto

Andre D’Elia, FRAIC, Toronto

Valerie Gow, FRAIC, Toronto

Viktors Jaunkalns, FRAIC, Toronto

Leslie Jen, FRAIC, Toronto

Mark Langridge, FRAIC, Toronto

Anne McIlroy, FRAIC, Toronto

David Miller, FRAIC, Toronto

J. Albert Paquette, FRAIC, Toronto

Brian Rudy, FRAIC, Toronto

Betsy Williamson, FRAIC, Toronto


Kent Woloschuk, FRAIC, Winnipeg

James Orlikow, FRAIC, Winnipeg

Dudley  Thompson, FRAIC, Winnipeg

Robert W. Martin, FRAIC, Winnipeg


Keith D. Henry, FRAIC, Saskatoon


Robert D. Bennett, FRAIC, Edmonton

Terry Hartwig,  FRAIC, Sherwood Park

Bruce McKenzie, FRAIC, Calgary

British Columbia

Trevor Boddy, FRAIC, Vancouver

Conrad Boychuk, FRAIC, Vancouver

Elisa Brandts, FRAIC, Vancouver

Donald G. Hazleden, FRAIC, Burnaby

Sean Ruthen, FRAIC, Vancouver


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