National Urban Design Awards - 2022 Recipient - Student Projects | Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

National Urban Design Awards - 2022 Recipient - Student Projects

Mobile Support as Shelter Support Infrastructure
Award Category: 
Student Projects

Completion Date:  Fall 2021

Integrated Urbanism Studio
Yongmin Ye, Michelle Li, and Edward Minar Widjaja 
Professor:  Drew Adams

Mobile Support as Shelter Support Infrastructure is an urban design project about constructing a mobile support system to serve the unhoused and precariously housed populations of Toronto. Understanding that homelessness is not a static issue, but a dynamic one, and where transportation is a major barrier to access services, we propose a mobile support network accompanied by community-orientated interventions. This project endeavours to provide the conditions for empowering people who are perceived as invisible and with no sense of dwelling in society—a place with a permanent address.

Jury Comment(s): 

“A significant level of relevant and authentic research appears to be at the core of this project. The careful execution of this project fuses transit-oriented-development best practices with solutions for sensitive shelter housing for the marginalized. This project tackles multiple relevant urban design challenges and develops a thesis that is both intellectually thoughtful and visually compelling."  

"A detailed and thorough analysis of the social housing situation forms the premise of this project. The concept and design of the mobile vehicles is outstanding and caters to the needs of the client. All presentation materials are clear and easy to understand. The circulation of the building considers the function and flow of the service provided."

"This project was recognized for its exceptional depth and breadth of research and research methods, which matured into a diverse and inclusive array of potential solution sets.  Remarkable in this array was the sophisticated and nuanced handling of a complicated, difficult but topical subject matter. It was refreshing to see investigations that included primary research at the ground level, ensuring authentic and appropriate considerations for the most vulnerable of our city’s citizenry.”

Jury members 

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Cyclist view

Ye, Li, and Widjaja

View of food truck

Ye, Li, and Widjaja

Master plan studies

Ye, Li, and Widjaja

Potential locations for the mobile support units

Ye, Li, and Widjaja

Axonometric section

Ye, Li, and Widjaja

Urban interventions

Ye, Li, and Widjaja