National Urban Design Awards - 2022 Recipient - Community Initiatives | Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

National Urban Design Awards - 2022 Recipient - Community Initiatives

Corner Commons
Award Category: 
Community Initiatives

Lead: Perkins&Will | Jane/Finch Community and Family Centre
Completion: September 2021 

Coordinated by the Jane/Finch Centre, Corner Commons is a temporary, free, and accessible public space. Installed for summer 2021, Corner Commons hosted a wide range of activities with local artists, resident leaders, grassroots groups, and various community organizations from the neighbourhood.

As part of Perkins&Will’s Social Purpose program, employees were given the chance to contribute to our communities in direct and personal ways. The members of the Toronto studio helped design, paint, and repurpose the corner of the Jane Finch Mall parking lot into a thriving community hub.

Project Credits

Jane/Finch Community and Family Centre

Jury Comment(s): 

“This project received strong recommendation for the level of community engagement, creativity and resilience it demonstrates. The history of the site, along with the project’s patterns, colours and various programs makes this an exemplary example of strong community engagement."

"The project highlights extensive community involvement. It showcases how a space is revitalized through varied programming. It depicts community involvement as seen in the construction and execution of the project. It involved an intensive conceptual process that considered the community’s feedback."

"An exceptional community-driven process is what makes this project stand out.  It is clear that the community came together under the banner of this initiative. Because of this ownership in process and purpose, the result is a space for the community and by the community. With enough infrastructure to sponsor a wide diversity of programming, from community gardens to performance spaces to spaces for protestation, it is truly the hallmark of authentic public space.”

Jury members 

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Aerial view of Corner Commons

PHOTO - Diego Zabala

Volunteers painting a section of Corner Commons

PHOTO - Clint, Langevin, Perkins&Will

Orange painted chairs with canopy

Photo Credit - Clara Stewart-Robertson, Jane/Finch Centre 

Person speaking on stage

PHOTO - David Meija Monico 

Group of youth performing

PHOTO - Flaunt It Movement, videographer @TRUCREATES 

Person sitting at Corner Commons

PHOTO - Jhanoi Walker