National Urban Design Awards - 2022 Merit Recipient - Urban Fragments | Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

National Urban Design Awards - 2022 Merit Recipient - Urban Fragments

Place Monique-Mercure
Award Category: 
Urban Fragments

Lead: Civiliti
Completion Date: July 2021

Place Monique-Mercure celebrates the landmark Art Deco architecture and interior design of the prestigious Théâtre Outremont in Montreal. Taking advantage of the removal of several parking spaces, the new design offers a small urban landscape with signature seating and lighting features. The seating is composed of a continuous band of granite and stainless-steel inserts that honour a typical Art Deco geometrical line motif, as do the simple sculptural volumes that create the different spatial nooks. Three stainless-steel lightboxes create a warm night ambiance. Their floral design reinterprets a pattern found in the interior of the main theatre.

Project Credits:
Architect and Landscape Architect- civiliti
Civil Engineer - FNX-Innov
Electrical Engineer - FNX-Innov
Jury Comment(s): 

“The strong and clear ode to Art Deco is an appropriate design theme for the urban space in front of the Outremont Theatre. The careful and deliberate design, materials, theme and patterns create a pleasing outdoor ‘theatre’ where real-life plays out in real time."

"This space contributes positively to the public realm by catering to a varied audience. It offers a subtle backdrop for various active or passive activities. The form is simple and material palette is innovative. The light box design complements the seating elements."

"A beautifully designed and detailed project that skillfully examines and interprets a significant heritage structure and brings forward a contemporary expression of timeless elegance and presence.  But most note-worthy, particularly given its modest scale, is the delineation of passive and active space, effectively engaging the sidewalk and its inhabitants to construct an urban stage of seeing and being seen. It is an appropriate space of anticipation given its adjacency to the theatre programme.”

Jury members 

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Outdoor feature

PHOTO - Maud-Thery

Outdoor seats and granite detail

PHOTO - Maud-Thery

Light box

PHOTO - Maud-Thery

Outdoor feature

PHOTO - Maud-Thery

Light box in evening

PHOTO - Maud-Thery

Light boxes in evening

PHOTO - Maud-Thery