National Urban Design Awards — 2012 Recipient | Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

National Urban Design Awards — 2012 Recipient

Marché Lionel Daunais
Award Category: 
Small or Medium Community Urban Design

Sylvie Perrault architectes / Atelier Urban Face Inc.

The urban concept is defined by the creation of a focal point: a space for cultural activities/farmers’ market.

The structure, set back from Rue Lionel-Daunais, frames a space that will enhance adjacent projects. The public market is defined by three elements: the canopy, the cultural showcase and the cloud.

The metal canopy extends 77 metres to partially cover the public square. The file of columns provides a continuous rhythm and allows, intermittently, for multidirectional tilting of the columns to facilitate the handling of equipment and wares. The showcase is for the display of an artwork. The cloud, held «captive» by two of the canopy’s columns, marks the ideal spot for staging events. 

Jury Comment(s): 

“This market venue is strategically important as an anchor to redirect development and focus to rue Lionel-Daunais in Boucherville, Quebec. The project’s modest budget ($1.8 million) will undoubtedly help focus increased attention on improving this municipality’s downtown, while enriching public life with a reinvigorated civic and market space. The design is a flexible outdoor market and transportation hub which seems to have been embraced by the community, while improving local pride and ensuring that this project can be reasonably maintained over time. The facility is veritable cultural exchange during all seasons and all times of day that is certain to enliven the public life of Boucherville.”

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photo: Atelier Urban Face

photo: François LeClair

photo: Sylvie Perrault

photo: City of Boucherville

photo: City of Boucherville