Governor General's Medals in Architecture - 2022 Recipient - Reception Pavilion of the Quebec National Assembly | Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

Governor General's Medals in Architecture - 2022 Recipient - Reception Pavilion of the Quebec National Assembly

Reception Pavilion of the Quebec National Assembly
Quebec City,
Award Category: 
Governor General’s Medals in Architecture

Provencher_Roy | GLCRM Architectes

Occupancy: May 29, 2019
Construction Budget: $43 million

The reception pavilion of the National Assembly of Québec is a quiet but transformative addition that revolutionizes how citizens participate in their democracy. With sweeping spaces for public gatherings and a welcoming new entrance, the pavilion transforms the experience of democracy. The space features an open, inclusive, and lively skylit hub, the Agora, that brings diverse communities together at the heart of their government. To celebrate Québec's symbolic milestones, a mural along the ramp connecting the Agora to ground level showcases figures in modern Québécois history, including Indigenous and women leaders.

Abridged Project Credits:
(see Architecture Canada publication out in Fall 2022 for more details)

Electromechanical Engineer - Cima+
Structural Engineer - WSP Canada
Civil Engineer - WSP Canada
Contractor - Pomerleau
Building Code Consultant - GLT+
Elevator - CPAI Solucore
Acoustic - Acoustec
Multimedia - GoMultimédia
Security - CSP inc. 

Jury Comment(s): 

The jury noted that this project highlighted a capacity to add value in a reserved way.

The Long promenade to access the building ends up in a large gathering space, creating a new agora that is illuminated with natural light coming from a contemporary oculum. This reconnects with traditional public building typologies. The quality of interior spaces and the integration of construction systems in perforated panels create seamless surfaces.

2022 Jury

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Pavilion built beneath the Parliament Gardens

PHOTO - Olivier Blouin

Natural light in pavilion space

PHOTO - Olivier Blouin

A mural along the ramp

PHOTO - Olivier Blouin

Parliamentary committee rooms

PHOTO - Olivier Blouin

Reception in pavilion

PHOTO - Charles O'Hara

Bird's eye view of Pavilion site

PHOTO - Stéphane Groleau