Emerging Architectural Practice Award - 2018 Recipient | Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

Emerging Architectural Practice Award - 2018 Recipient

Chevalier Morales Architectes
Award Category: 
Emerging Architectural Practice Award


First row, from left to right: Stephan Chevalier, Céline Leclerc, Marc Despaties, Christine Giguère, Xavier Proulx, Julie Rondeau and
Christian Aubin. Second row, from left to right: Louis Stabile, Alexandre Massé, Sergio Morales, Guillaume Larouche, Simon Lalonde-Charbonneau,
Ève Beaumont-Cousineau, Gabriel Lanthier.

Chevalier Morales Architectes is a Montreal-based architectural firm that reflects the positive impact of the architectural competition process in Quebec. After working for more than a decade for major Canadian firms, Stephan Chevalier and Sergio Morales founded Chevalier Morales Architectes in 2005. The practice, with 15 architects and contributors, has created a series of impressive works via private houses and competitions for cultural projects. 

Their cultural projects have been highly successful and have had a positive impact on their respective communities. One such example is the Maison de la littérature. Both a public library and centre for literary creation, it has given a contemporary physical identity to Quebec City’s literary community and renewed the appeal of current literature for youth. The contemporary addition to a former neo-gothic church and the interiors have become signature attractions of Old Quebec City attracting both general and specialized tourism.

The firm’s principals teach in several Canadian universities and are also regularly invited as guest speakers and reviewers. By serving on competition juries, the principal architects continue to expand their efforts to improve the built environment.

Jury Comment(s): 

"This firm has become successful because of the opportunity to participate in competitions. They have grown as a successful young practice because of public policymaking and the opportunities that it creates."

"Their work is creative, inventive, fresh, strong, sensitive to details, almost poetic. There’s a mastery of building technology. They’ve demonstrated very mature work for an emerging firm."

"Their buildings are sleek and clean, warming and welcoming and evoking a nice feeling going inside."

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Roy Laurence Residence

Photo: Chevalier Morales architectes

Roy Laurence Residence

Photo: Chevalier Morales architectes

Street elevation view

Photo: Chevalier Morales architectes

Main floor interior view

Photo: Chevalier Morales architectes

Main entrance view

Photo: Chevalier Morales architectes

Saul-Bellow Library

Photo: Chevalier Morales architectes

Interior view – tiered seating

Photo: Chevalier Morales architectes