Awards of Excellence — 2011 Recipient | Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

Awards of Excellence — 2011 Recipient

Manitoba Hydro Place (for Office Building Innovation)
Award Category: 
Awards of Excellence
Innovation in Architecture

Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects (Design Architects),
Smith Carter Architects and Engineers (Executive Architects),
Prairie Architects Inc. (Advocate Architects)

Manitoba Hydro Place is the new headquarters tower for the major energy utility in the Province of Manitoba. It is the first of the next generation of bioclimatic buildings integrating time-tested environmental concepts in conjunction with advanced technologies and the art of architecture. A model for bioclimatic design in an extreme climate, the ‘Capital A’ form is sited to harness the maximum amount of passive solar and wind energies and provide 100% fresh air, 24/7. At 88 kwh/m2/annually it is the most energy efficient large office tower in North America, with a 66% improvement over standard office towers. The building has become a focal point of downtown activity and its iconic form has redefined the Winnipeg skyline

Jury Comment(s): 

"This building is esthetically pleasing and includes innovative energy savings technologies.  It is also designed to provide a healthy work environment making the work place pleasant for persons working in the building and may even contribute to increased productivity and reduced absenteeism."

"This is the most beautiful and environmentally sensitive government office complex ever built in the history of Canada.  Imagine a world where all citizens work in such an inspired surroundings, which at the same time, also treads so lightly on our planet.  This is a future scenario that all office buildings should aspire towards."

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photo: Garry Kopelow

photo: Eduard Hueber

photo: Garry Kopelow

photo: Garry Kopelow

photo: Tom Arban